Monday, July 02, 2007


my second email to supporters. sorry for the lack of pictures, it wont let me!

miss u!


Dear Supporters!
Hello again!

Just an update on recent and current events here during our ministry time in Shillong. Yesterday we went to uncles church, City Church, to do their Sunday school, preach the message, do music, lots of things! I mentioned in the last email about what we would be doing there, and I just wanted to tell you that it was a really great day! Thank you for your prayers for energy and divine words, even though some of the team members are sick and we were tired from such a big day, God really used us and we got to see it in so many ways!
>Me and Yuna taught about 150 kids from Samuel about hearing God and talking to God personally and that He desires to hear from us. Needless to say, I had an amazing time and was SO joyful in getting to teach kids again. The kids really responded to what we were doing and really seemed to learn a lot.
>I taught a “teachers training” to the Sunday school teachers afterwards. It went really well! I was kinda nervous going into it, I don’t know anything about how they do Sunday school or anything about Uncles church! God gave me relevant words and I believe it was helpful.
>me and Yuna gave testimonies in relation to the message Dawn was preaching on, “Grace”. A few people afterwards came to us and told us we really spoke to them.
>at the end of the message, Uncle came and asked people if they wanted to give their life to Christ for the first time, or if they wanted to return to Him after awhile away. He asked them to stand up if they made a decision, and our team and other leaders from the church we went and layed hands on them and prayed for them. I was able to pray with two girls, one of which was really crying and I really hope God continues to work in her life.

So Sunday was a success! Praise Him!

Today we went on the prayer tour of Shillong. Ayophy and our guide Robby drove us to a few places around Shillong so we could pray. We are continually blessed by our guide Robby. Hes a local and knows the local tribal language and gets us into places we would normally have a hard time getting into even with Ayophy (shes from another state). He drove us around and had lots of insight into the places we were going, and its nice to be around a boy my own age too! Today we went to:
>First stop was the local tribal place of worship and sacrifice. The local tribe is Kashi (its not spelled like the cereal, but its pronounced like it so I wrote it that wayJ that is the tribe Robby is from. Many have converted to Christianity, but many still practice their tribal religion of goat sacrifice and something to do with a sacred tree. We were able to see this place and go inside and really pray in the exact place where they sacrifice goats.
>Next stop was the second tallest mountain in Shillong, from there we were able to see all of Shillong and pray there. It was absolutely beautiful and we were blessed with a day with no rain! The first one in days! we had a picnic there too.
>final stop was a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. It took us awhile to get there cause we got a little lost and its quite hidden up in the mountains, but we made it (also thanks to Robby who could ask locals for directions on the way!). the monks opened up the worship area and we were able to pray in there and take pictures. We also walked around a bit and prayed around there too.

I got a lot of really great pictures today and on Sunday, but the email hasn’t been letting me send pictures, so ill try again this time and hopefully it will work.

>Tuesday and Wednesday we will be at St. Anthony’s College doing the “survey” with students there and building relationships. We will also prayer walk there.

>Thursday and Friday we will go to another school, im not sure if it will be St. Marys or St. Edmunds. Either way, we will go to one and do the same kind of work

>Saturday on our day off we’re all going to Cherapungee, which is the wettest place on earth! I think Ayophy and Robby will come with us again and it will be a lot of fun.

>Yuna and Thess are now VERY sick with flu and fever. They are now missing ministry times and Thess hasn’t left the room much for the last week. Please be praying for them, and for the rest of us to not get sick either. Having four in a room with one toilet for everything is really rough! Not only is it really gross, but just for cleanliness sake too.

>for our ministry this week on the college campuses. Please pray for good conversations and opportunities to talk about the things God has to say to them through us.

>next Sunday we will be going to lead the service at the other local tribes church, the Garo people. We haven’t prayed about who will be speaking or giving testimonies or what, so I will give you that information soon! Theirs very few of us who are able to, so most likely ill be speaking in some capacity!

>our final team leader, Anna, is coming Thursday! We’re excited! Please pray for a safe journey as shes traveling alone. And when she gets here we need to apply for special permits to go into Nagaland for the last part of our trip. Please pray everything goes smoothly and that the sick girls get well enough to go!
Funny story: our first Sunday here we went to a church of one of the YWAM leaders here, Theja. While there we saw other white people! (pretty rare here!). they were two young men about my age, ones from Amsterdam and ones from Texas. They are here doing ministry too and we both mentioned going to Nagaland about the same time. We’ve seen them around this big city quite a few other times this week and today Theja called us and said they will be joining us on our permit and traveling with us to Nagaland! Isn’t that funny! I feel blessed to have men with us while traveling!

Thanks so much to all of you who are praying and thinking of me and my team while im here in Shillong. I am really encouraged to know you’re praying for me, especially when I feel grumpy and tired of our throwing up room mates or tired of all the men staring at me all day. Thank You so much! God bless You!

In His love,