Wednesday, March 25, 2009

off to NYC!

Me and Alyssa are off to the fabulous NYC TOMORROW!!! Our itinerary, daily pictures and updates, and funny adventure stories can be followed at:

and also my twitter should be full of lovely updates and pictures from our super fun days!

Currently we're at school wanting to DIE because we have SO much work to do!!!! but tomorrow we go!

peace out socal!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Inside the Actors Studio

sorry for not posting in forever. things you've missed:
1) cammie taking me out for a wonderful fancy dinner downtown. gormet food, got to dress up, drink a flirtini, laugh with cammie, get treated fancy because we're pretty and because hes a fun!

2) my potential nervous breakdown when i cried on the way home for no obvious reason...other then just being stressed out, exhausted, and over school.

3) skipped school Tuesday (due to #2) and caught up on tons of work and took of monday nights and tuesday 1/2 day so i got a real sabbath. it was amazing. and i felt SO much better.

4) cammies St. Pattys party/birthday tuesday night. wore a green bow! made new friends! lots of good conversation and some yummy drinks.

5) school is awful.

6) i LOVE sex and the city. its built my self confidence, which i can say for NO other show. i love them. and i love new york! i go next thursday! one week! this time next week ill be sleeping in a NYC bed!

and now something fun!

Taken from "Inside the Actors' Studio", this is the 10-question quiz that closes every interview on the show. Anyone who has watched the show finds him or herself answering these questions anyway, so here's your chance.

Copy this into a new note, replace my answers with yours, tag some folks, and be amused by the answers you get back. If you need help posting a new note, just use the "help" link at the bottom of every page...

1. What is your favorite word?
its just really funny word, and i cant stop laughing whenever i say it!

2. What is your least favorite word?
cunt (gross right)

3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
art fulfills all those things. in any genre, visual, musical, or performance. i always walk away changed somehow.

4. What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
people who try to hard to make their point because they are SO sure they are right. just chill out, we can have differing opinions and points of view.

5. What sound or noise do you love?
dishwasher running. puts me to sleep everytime...or any kind of fan really.

6. What sound or noise do you hate?
i HATE the sound of big buses, trucks, or loud cars and motorcycles. i typically drive with the windows up for this sole purpose. i only put them down when im in a neighborhood or something and its not going to attack me from the side. im cringing just thinking about that noise.

7. What is your favorite curse word?
oh its easily fuck. its just so useful in so many different ways. and i like how it really offends people, and why? i mean why does this particular formation of letters offend you? and why do we have sermons about not saying it? its just a word. we SHOULD have a sermon about saying all those awful words as seen in #1 though. i mean jeez.

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
acting. fashion designer. graphic designer. writer. librarian.

9. What professions would you not like to do?
anything with finance, stocks, accounting. anything where you work in a cubical on a computer EVERYDAY ALL DAY. so graphic designer might be out;) also, anything with customer service. i hate people.

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
hooray! now we can always be together! and then we dance, as usual...but so much sweeter.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Craziest Week of Our Lives

Well last week was it. by far, the craziest, most stressful, and exhausting week of the semester (thus far, yikes). We have these awful Teacher Performance Assessments due throughout the program, and the first one is due on Thursday. They are a big deal. they get graded by teachers and the like, and the score gets reported to the schools you apply to teach at. and our school, requires a 3 or 4 (out of 4) in order to "pass". so its not something to mess around with. it really isnt that difficult of material, but it is very tedious (what else is new), and time consuming. There were 4 case studies in this TPA, each case study took me about 2 hours or a bit less...try doing that on top of your hours and hours worth of homework during the week already.
but i just submitted it, so thank goodness that craps over with. ill have 2 more next semester and the last one during my student teaching next spring. more fun!

Since school has been to crazy, ive had to give up one of my days off for homework and group project work. I arranged my schedule so i would work Friday and do homework there and then have Saturday and Sunday off...however, im not getting much homework done at the office with the phones ringing and people needing me to do things, and Sunday is now apparently group project work day and catch up on homework day since Friday homework isnt happening. and its not like my days when im at school/work are normal hours for normal people, on the contrary. i go to school for 6-8 hours and then come home and do 2+ hours of homework every night. all in all, IT SUCKS.

ive been noticing myself yawning ALL the time, so i decided to let myself sleep in today instead of exercising. im just going to make sure and exercise twice over the "weekend" instead. my goal of 4-5x/ week was laughable given my schedule, so ive gone back to my 3x/week goal and its working out nicely i suppose. after such a stressful week it was PERFECT to hang out and have some drinks with my girls who i havent seen in AGES. oh i missed them so!

ok, enough venting. in other news, ive been LOVING my growth group lately! we've been having so much fun and i really really like all of them a lot! except the one extremely weird and awful guy (theres one in every bunch)...and the 2 guys that i dont know very well, but im sure they're nice too. last week we made and served dinner and hung out at a family homeless shelter in Vista, it was wonderful! i made friends with a sweet lady named Louise who liked art and photography, so we had lots to talk about. and then our group went out to eat afterwards because we didnt want to eat the food we brought for them (not because it was gross, but because we wanted them to have it, actually it was really good.) so most of us all went to Chilies and had a light dinner and laughed till my face hurt. it was lovely. and then on Sunday i went to church and met Alyssa and James there, and right across the aisle was my GG! yay! so afterwards A&J had to leave so i hung out with my GG more and they were still so fun!
-this week we're having our "social" which will either be a bonfire on the freezing beach OR bowling. i realllly wanna go bowling since i think bonfires are kinda lame and boring, but im trying to be flexible here. i may or may not already have a crush on one of the boys, but we'll see what happens. i may or may not have crushes on lots of boys as a regular occurance, so im trying to pace myself. this is what happens when left alone for too long. jeez.

i saved enough money and bought myself some new much needed things! yay! i bought a new purse because all my others are broken but ive been in denial about them being broken, so i finally broke down and bought a new one. and i got 3 new sweaters so i can throw out the old balled up ones that dont even really fit me very well. and new shoes! which are for trapsing around NYC in, YAY! i love my flats and sandals, but they really arent practical for situations other then just school and maybe work in socal. other places have lots of rain and snow in all the seasons except it was time to break down and get some shoes i can walk all day in but still look fabulous.
dont worry, they were on sale, i promise!

and i used the money ive saved from not eating out to buy 2 new LPs that ive been salivating over for months now. The new Andrew Bird and Jenny Lewis...JL's isnt so "new" anymore, but its still new to me! the website i found is amazing, i buy all my records from them now. they email you the MP3's of the songs right after you buy the record! LOVE IT!

alright, thats enough venting and bragging for one day. i dont want to do homework anymore!!! wahhhhhh