Sunday, October 31, 2010

Current Obsessions: Topher & Co.

If you haven't jumped on the Etsy bandwagon yet, DO IT NOW. For one of a kind gifts (aren't you tired of giving and recieving the same old crap from Target?) that are supporting a single American craftsperson, not small children who are underpaid in China, Etsy is THE place to shop. I. am. obsessed. I have to prevent myself from going on the site because it is just so ME that I would buy almost anything and everything.

Check out this local San Diego guy, Topher & Company, who makes these AMAZING knit pieces TO ORDER! You pick the colors! I am DYING for each and everyone. They only run about $30-$40 each, but that does put a damper on my "buy every single one!" idea.

You just tell him what colors you want! Amazing!

A Halloween at Bar Pink.

"I'm a lobster!" and "I hate you."

Me and Micah enjoying the festivities at Bar Pink. Micah's looking a little Asian, but thats ok. We like Asians.

Since I haven't been feeling well, have hickeys all over my neck, and am tired...I was tempted to just stay in last night. But, I am beginning to know myself, and know that sometimes I NEED to make my extrovert self venture out to get energy from talking to strangers and laughing and drinking with friends. Oh, I am always so glad I did...but EXTRA glad I did on Halloween! I went down to North Park and just walking around seeing everyone in their costumes is MY FAVORITE thing of the year! It's like the city went crazy, it has to be the best holiday to spend in the city. Micah and I went to Bar Pink, which is one of my favorite bars of all time (pink and elephant and vintage theme? Sign me up!). EVERYONE was dressed up except maybe Micah and a handful of other people...highlights included:
A Frieda and Van Gogh couple
Milla Jovovich from Resident Evil
a LEGIT wizard with a real beard. Someone said "look! its the hangover guy dressed as a wizard!"
Marie Antoinette
A guy just wearing a speedo and a Mexican wrestling mask
The Bumble bees were cute and saucy without looking like prostitutes
Team Steve Zissou
Big Lebowski characters
Fred and Wilma Rubble

Those were probably my favorites. And the girls dressed all skanky looked RIDICULOUS compared to all the legit costumes everyone else had. It was funny to see how sad and pathetic their attempts at getting attention were.

As you can see, I was a cat! I wore a cute little black dress and tights, paid $3 for ears and drew my face on. Normally I am Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffanys, but it was time for a change.

Anyway, poor Micah was trapped talking to this super weird guy...she seemed to be ok with it so I ventured to get another drink (I remember thinking, well shit, Im going to need another drink if we're stuck talking to this guy). However, I got distracted at the bar and started talking to this guy dressed as someone from the Tea Bag Party (so funny). I was flirting, because YAY I can do that now without crying, and then I just sat down and we ended up talking for like 2 hours. He has a real job he loves and he is really smart...he knew a ton about politics and we talked about travel, work and the economy, the government, etc. Since I am not looking for ANYTHING, I am just totally myself when I go and flirty without trying too hard, it's actually really nice. And suddenly I am all attractive to people-how ironic.

His friend was all drunk with this LONG wig that would hit me in the face every time he would talk to me and he was SO funny...he kept telling me,
"you should go for this guy. Hes great. He's tricky though...and you might not know what Im talking about now, but in a few months down the road you'll say...oh yeah, that guy was right."

"you know what, I like you, I know what, you are smart and beautiful...most of these bitches here got nothing behind the's really annoying...but your great...your the whole package...go for this guy..."

"what are you doing now? Do you want to come hang out with us and play video games?"

We were just laughing and laughing, I made a lot of witty comments back to him which I think earned me a lot of points. He was too funny.

So at the end of the night the guy I had been talking to (not his funny friend) asked for my number, which was so nice! I actually haven't had that happen in a very long time. And he was smart. I like this. I'm not obsessed enough to wait by the phone or fact I kind of forgot about it until I started posting today. But if he does call, wouldn't that be just dandy? Either way, it was so great to meet someone new and talk about good things and FORGET about Number 2 and my hickey shenanigans for a few hours.

Tonight we have family dinner and trick or treating with my 3 year old cousin Luke- He's dressed as a zoo keeper:)

I don't know how much longer I can keep this neck coverup going...yikes.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

All the Single Ladies #5

You can enroll in random classes that serve your mental health during the week because, girl- you gots the time!


Time for some change.
I need new people.
New environments.
New challenges.
A refreshment to my life.

I need to be happy and busy with myself and really embrace being a strong independent 25 year old woman.

Plus, let's be honest, if I am seriously not dating I really need to find something positive to fill my time.

I have decided to enroll in a yoga and drawing class at the local adult ed program in my area.
Well, more then decided, I already registered.

So Monday evenings for an hour or so I will be taking yoga at a rec center down the street. In fact, it's called "Yoga Eclectic Fusion" which sounded weird so I decided to try it.

And Wednesdays for 4 weeks I will be taking a drawing class for 2.5 hours.

I was initially thinking of taking some classes at the community college, but I like the idea of not having to go if I don't want to and NOT being in a "school" environment. We all know how much I despise school.

Aren't you proud?

Today, even though I know it's Halloween party night, I am still just thinking of kicking it here at the apartment...or maybe going to the rents and making mom cook for me or something. I am feeling sick, have hickeys all over my neck, and am just exhausted. Plus, I really just want to bake pumpkin pies, finish my wreck of a room, and snuggle with sleepy Bella.

PS it's 4pm and Im still in my PJs. I might be a little depressed. I am not quite sure. I might just be having a lazy day:)

Now to walk to the store and get baking supplies! Huzzah!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Swooning Over Sunglasses.

I have been putting together another post of my favorite blogs, websites, etc...but this just couldn't wait. Fred Flare is totally my favorite one stop shop for quirky Christmas and Birthday presents. Plus, I die for their clothing and accessories.

I melt for their sunglasses 24/7. So chic. So cheap. Gimme.

Quit paying $100 for sunglasses when these are $11

How could you not be classy in sunglasses called Bridget?

These are just so fun. And remind me of my fun Betsy Johnsons I quit wearing because Number 2 didn't like them-time to bring those suckers back out!

By far my favorite. Named after Carrie Donovan, famous fashion editor. However, I like to think they are named of Ms. Carrie Bradshaw.

Lovely London.

One of my dear friends, Jen, has just ventured to London to get her graduate degree. Her photos had me missing Europe and London. I'm just itching to get out of socal. Enjoy.

Isn't she the cutest?

The Hickey(s).

Ridiculous. Vampire?

The attempts at a coverup. Thank God the weird Mid October heat wave ended today.

And there it is.
In all its glory.
My first and only array of hickeys.
I feel like Im either 17 or a REALLY skanky version of myself.

So the evening went like this...
Met at a a drink...went for sushi and sake...went back to his place to watch a movie and drink wine. It was actually probably the best "date" I've ever been on because I was so relaxed and we get along really well. Good conversation, lots of laughing, just nice and chill. He even asked me about Halloween and invited me to go with him to his friends party on Saturday. So I was pretty stoked.

Then I made the mistake of going to his house to "watch a movie". I guess I just figured we'd snuggle and make out and it wouldn't be a big deal. But of course after he kissed me he took me back into his room and I was too sleepy mixed with the drinks to say no and think through what was happening. So we were just making out, both declared we DID NOT want to have sex, and then he started trying know...hands down the pants, up the dress...all up in my grill. And then when I kept stopping him he would get all weird about it and kind of laughed at me. In fact, he did laugh at me and said I was kind of "geeky". That's when I started to get angry. Now, I like to have fun just as much as the next girl but I am also one of those girls who doesn't like to go too far without a few dates under our belt. It doesn't have to mean we're on our way to a fancy relationship, (even though that is what I want), but it does mean I'd like to get to know you a little more before I get all naked and intimate with you even if we don't have sex. Call me crazy, but I like being comfortable.

When he was being weird, I even said, "your just not used to nice girls are you. You've been bringing home the skanky ones"...and I kept trying to tell him "just not on the first date" and then he gave me the weird speech...
"I didnt give you the wrong impression about us hanging out tonight, right? I mean, I just want to have fun. Im really not looking for anything serious. Sorry if that hurts your feelings"

By then I was already angry for being made to feel embarrassed about not wanting to get all crazy on the first date and then I get the "I just want to fool around and not actually date you-your cool with that right?" speech which I am SO OVER after a year of Number 2 bullshit. He kind of picked the worst girl ever to give that speech to. Which I even told him.

So then I just decided, fuck it, and to have fun and relax because someone hasn't had more then just a little make out in MONTHS and so YES we did fool around but NO we did not have sex of any kind. He was really snuggly too which was nice and we did have a good time.

Until I woke up looking like a choke victim with cum on my face.
(again, no sex of any kind...but sometimes things go flying ya know?)

So today I have mixed emotions...pissed about my hickeys and for being made to feel weird about not being a whore on the first date (SO over boys pulling that shit) and getting the "I dont want anything serious" talk. But also stoked that I had a nice time with someone and got a little action. But then sad because I really missed Number 2 and our amazing I-cant-keep-my-hands-off-you-I-love-you connection.

Needless to say, I don't think I was ready for this.
I dont think I have my confidence back enough to have stood up to him and told him to fuck off when he was being a dick. Well, clearly I don't because I didn't.

And now I am crying because I am still sad about Number 2 and still haven't dealt with it.

Melissa and I just OFFICIALLY declared no more dating for 3 more months.
I like this plan.

I need to work on my escape to NYC anyway.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Choke Victim?

I plan to write all about the "date" tomorrow after I get some sleep, but just know that my neck looks like a fucking choke victim after our evening. Literally way WORSE then this chicks. I don't even know what to wear tomorrow. I have never had a hickey, nor am I in high DAMN IT HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!

And until I get a chance tomorrow, it was a great date. He's a lot of fun. Very easy going and relaxing. Super great.

Until I get the "Im not looking for anything serious, did I give you the wrong impression? Want to just fool around and have fun" talk.

I am so OVER these guys. GET SOME BALLS AND BE OPEN TO COMMITTING DOUCHBAGS. What girl wants to just "hang out" and "fool around"? Ok, I know there are plenty of you out there and I ended up being one of them tonight. But I am still leaving irritated and alone and pissed off at the male species.

And extra mad when I saw my neck in the mirror when I got home.


Maybe Ill take pictures.

What do I wear tomorrow in this freak heat wave?!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy No Makeup Day!

Once or twice a week I like to designate a "no makeup" day.

Lazy Sundays tend to work well too.

Since I've been nannying, I hardly wear any anyway on days when we don't venture into public (hence why I quit)...and even when I do it's just been bare minerals and some mascara on curled lashes. My skin has been looking fantastic and I think a lot has to do with my no make up days!

So let your skin breathe and be lazy for a day and FEEL beautiful even without makeup.

Note: big sunglasses help to ease into this new endeavor.

The Text.

A little sad today because Kelsey is officially off and away to Seattle and I don't think I can visit her in November with all this job and money stuff. Plus, I was supposed to go with them but it didn't work out so I am missing out on prime girl fun times too. Then I started searching for sub positions online and literally NONE of the districts are hiring substitutes. And then just now I saw the family I just quit with posted an ad on the nanny website I've been using to try and find work (not my awesome agency, they are too cheap for the agency...ahem), and that was weird and made me sad to leave my little buddy. So a little weird of a day.

BUT THEN! T texted me this afternoon! Already! Needless to say I was very surprised...
T: Heyoo whatcha up 2 today?
me: Hey! I have the day off...errands and finishing unpacking. Movies later with a friend, you?
T: Sounds nice. Im just leaving the beach about to start work. We should hang out later this week.
me: Such a nice day out, beach was a good choice. I am free tmrw night and Sat if u wanna chill.
T: I have tomorrow off, call you then!
me: Ok sweet, talk to you then

I did good right? I wasn't very good about waiting to text him back (I was so excited I answered right away) or appearing too available...but I dont want to play TOO many games. I dont like playing games at all, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do I guess. I am just so "eh" about it I am very relaxed and letting whatever happens, happen. Which is probably a good thing. If he wants to hang out, I am free Thursday and Saturday- how much more complicated can I make it? Trying not to get overly excited to have too many expectations. Not very difficult after heartbreak 2010.

after freaking out about nowhere hiring substitutes, I started researching private schools and sent my resume to a super duper awesome school about 20min away. I LOVE this school because its all arts focused and they do project based learning, which is amazing. They said on their website they were hiring subs, I emailed the lady and 20min later got a response to come and interview, tour the school, and get an application! So I will be there Tuesday! Woot!

I am trying NOT to freak out about not having enough hours...again, I can pay all my bills and eat and put gas in my car but that'd be IT. Nothing else. So I could do it for a month...but any longer and Ill go crazy. Ok fine, I am freaking out. Doesn't anyone need someone Tuesday/Thursdays? Melissa and I were just talking about how I could just work at Starbucks the other days or afternoons. The store I can walk to from my house makes mad tips too and it's not as busy as where I worked last time and wanted to kill myself. But I already feel horrible about myself that I am a NANNY when I just worked my ass off in school for a post-baccalaureate degree, I think Starbucks would do me in. Or maybe it would be fun and I'd make new friends and get to be loud and silly? hmm...

Something has to happen.

PS: I LOVE MY NEW APARTMENT. And my roomie Melissa! And Bella is settling in and didn't cry or bark while we were at the movies tonight! I got her a citronella spray bark collar though. And shes using the doggie door:) YAY!

T Asked for my Numberrrrrrr

Annies scheming worked and voila! T came and hung out with me and Annie tonight! I dressed up a little not knowing what to expect, and he peaced on his roomies and just hung out with us girls and watched some TV and I *tried to flirt. Annie was in and out doing laundry and getting ready to leave me for 2 weeks to help move Kelsey to Seattle (seriously, worst day ever), so that left us time to chat and laugh and he's really nice. And I am attracted to him. And it's fun to have a crush on someone.

THEN at the end of the night he said something like...
"well hey, what are you girls doing this weekend?"
Annie: Well Im going to Seattle
Me: Well, Im free because she's leaving me...
T: ok, give me your number and we'll get together.
Annie: Thats not how your supposed to do it!
Me and T: what?
Annie: oh...never mind...

apparently Annie thought he said, "Oh Ill give you my number" that was a weird part, but you know me, I am easy going and we just laughed about it later.

but who cares! A boy things Im cute and asked for my number! So nice!

I'm only kind of free since I am babysitting Friday night and Saturday I am supposed to go to a Halloween party down with Micah Ficah...BUT things could still be arranged.

ZERO hopes.
ZERO expectations.

Just a nice night and fun to think about seeing him again.

He's just really nice and fun, new friends at least, right?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ok, I Really Need to Stop Online Shopping...

When I really don't have any more money to spend for the next few weeks until I find another job. Arg.

But now I have a new apartment and all I want to do is decorate!!!

Only $30 and I can live in my Marie Antoinette dreams. This will be going above my vanity someday.

I WANT THIS SO BADLY. I look at it almost everyday. Kind of unhealthy at this point. Bank account, let me know when you have a spare $200.

I think these curtains will add a dash of color to the room and accent the mirror and comforter perfectly! Plus, they are India inspired so I think I could merge some of my India stuff too.

I just want this rug for the front door or something. Its only $10 and just might be the cutest thing EVER.

Thanks Urban Outfitters for ruining my life.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Somedays I Feel Like Her.

<3Margot Tenenbaum.

Still can't get enough of Nan Lawsons prints.
I want this on my new apartment walls, like, yesterday.

I am FREE!

Love me some Natalie Dee cartoons.

Someone quit their job today and that someone was ME!
It was pretty scary and I waited until the end of the day, but it was good and healthy. They were surprised but weren't SHOCKED, I think they knew I was unhappy. It was such a mix of things so I am glad they didn't ask for specifics. In fact, they asked for guidance so they don't run through nannies and continue to have problems. I got a job 20 hours a week with a new family with a 5 month old. YAY! They are really cool parents and a great family, plus I am going through the agency this time so it should be much clearer what my job expectations are. But now I need to fill in the gaps and that makes me SO nervous. I am hoping I will be able to find something in the next 2 weeks...trying to pull out all the stops to get me another 10-20 hours a week. I am sure something will come up. Otherwise, it will just be a little tight next month and I probably won't be able to do anything fun.

Still unpacking and trying to get these boxes gone and away forever. I have tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday off, so hopefully I will be able to get the rest of this stuff out of the way. I redecorated my bathroom already! Can't wait to show you all! T invited me and Annie over for dinner. Well, actually he said he wanted to hang out with us (to annie, bring your friend Esther) and I said he should make us dinner and I'll bring that's whats happening. It is really nice to have someone kind of like you...even if they just got out of a weird few weeks relationship and even if he has said he doesn't want to be in a relationship and even if maybe he just wants to hook up and even if I just got my heart broken. BESIDES all of that, having little crushes never hurt anything:) And I'm not going to lie, having a boy actually WANT to hang out with you is awfully nice.

Dealing with Number 2 disappearing forever is going better. I haven't cried in a really long time and I am starting to notice cute boys and flirt again. I have decided that it didn't hurt so much because its hurts more because of how he ended it. By just not calling 5 days before my birthday plans with him. I think that was the sucker punch I am still reeling from. But I am typing this and NOT crying. Oh crap...just remembered I teared up at the Azure Ray show when Micah wasn't looking. Their songs are just really sad and bring up EVERYTHING! Ok, but BESIDES when songs punch me in the face...someone is surviving.

Bella is trying to adjust to her new life here at the condo. Unfortunately she is crying and yipping when I leave which is VERY unlike her. I know she will grow out of it quickly, but being in a close quarters complex doesn't really give me oodles of time to wait it out. Plus, her barking at people coming in or walking by must end. So tomorrow I am off to buy her a bark collar- don't worry, vibrating only. You know how I love things that vibrate.

Life might be turning around for me. This could be the beginning of another "good" life cycle. Oh please let it be.

All the Single Ladies #4

You get to come home, get into your comfiest sweats (or negligee if your me, hehe), and just snuggle in with a book, Bella, TV, or bake something wonderful. Don't have to get dressed up for anyone, and can be in bed by 10pm. Lovely.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Morning Pretty

Too tired for girls breakfast today, such a disappointment. Bella isn't ready to be alone quite yet anyway. However, soon I will venture for my interview and errands, we shall see how she does.

Until then we went for a walk and are having a snuggle.

Something LOVELY for your Sunday?

Backyard Bill takes beautiful pictures of people and their inspiring wardrobes in their own backyard. Gorgeous men and women, gorgeous adventurous fashion, gorgeous photography= your welcome.

Happy Sunday!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Little Bear

Moving Day!

Well Moving Day finally arrived! This week has been NUTS with the job stuff, concert, trying to pack, interviews...oh man am I exhausted. But today went great! My family and Annie all helped me move so we were done pretty quickly, after I took them out for lunch and beer...we had book club here at MY NEW APARTMENT and then I just decided to put my bed together and be done.

Bella is adjusting slowly...she cried while I was making trips unloading my car when we first got here, but I told her it was good practice for when I really do leave. And she hasn't quite adjusted to the doggie door and grass square I got her. We'll get there. I am just worried she'll cry while I am gone tomorrow or bark when people go in and our or we'll see how it goes.

Things aren't nearly together enough for me to take pictures, but tomorrow I should be finished and you can all see how lovely everything looks! Yay for being an adult!

Good things:
1) Job interview last night went GREAT! It is a single dad and nine year old little guy. The job is pretty much just tutoring him with homework (major props that I was a 4th grade teacher) and making them dinner, which he says I can make anything I want and he doesn't care about the grocery bill (Hello Art of French Cooking!). I also do their laundry and just keep things neat and pays SO MUCH MORE then my current job and seems pretty lovely. I can also sub during the daytime which I really need for my resume anyway. He said he felt things went great and that I am definitely in the top two:) So this could be really good. Tomorrow I have an interview for a MWF job 8-3 with a little 4th month thankful for interviews!!!

2) Cute new Annie neighbor T is single again! And he already asked Annie to invite me out somewhere with them! I can barely move but she's out talking me up right now...YES. Unless she gets tanked and makes out with him...don't do it Annie!

3) Tomorrow I am having breakfast with these LOVELY ladies whom I haven't seen since this was taken...over a month ago:( We all grew up and old.

I really wish I had a 3 day weekend.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Apartment Needs:

I am totally swooning over these BEAUTIFUL speakers I found. I think they even work without cords hanging down and are just so dang pretty I want every single one all over my house. But of course I lost the link. Awesome.