Monday, November 24, 2008

thanksgiving better be worth it

taking a break from homework (more on that later) to eat some el pollo loco and to do a little posty post.

thanksgiving had better be awesome because im already exhausted and its still days away.

1) cammie is crazy and now hes driving me crazy! hes working 24/7 and only got a 1/2 day off on Thanksgiving and is working the day before and after as well. hes such a silly and figured hed just take the train back and forth to my house the day of...even though i told him weeks ago the train doesnt run on thanksgiving!!! now im stressing out because driving back and forth to downtown on a holiday and on a day my mom needs a lot of help hosting 10 people here...isnt very appealing! we'll figure it out, he'll get here one way or another!

2) hosting all these people is really crazy too. Irma is here cleaning now (i love her.) but she can only help so much the piles of junk my rents have stored all over the house. getting all their piles put away is a whole nother project. plus our carpet is ruined from a certain canine and needs to be cleaned again, which is yet another project.

3) meanwhile i have enough homework to last a lifetime and im trying to get as much done as i can so i can actually enjoy my days off...yeah right. not only do i have normal homework due wednesday and next monday, but i have all these final lesson plans and papers that are due next week too. its crazy!!! today im doing everything due wednesday and tomorrow ill bust out the finals work. i was supposed to go to school today, but we werent doing ANYTHING worth getting out of bed so early for and worth missing out on homework time for. so here i am in my smelly PJ's about 1/2 done with todays work.

4) i need to get my oil changed! guess it'll have to wait until tomorrow...

5) i need to dye my hair! that will be tonight! bye bye roots...

do you see this list of craziness?! thanks giving had better be amazing because im not busting my ass with all this cleaning, cooking, driving downtown, homework 24/7, errands, blehhhh for nothing!!!!

but i AM excited that cassie will be here! and kelsey too for that matter! and i am excited to see my family and play with all the kids (we have so much fun! its like i attract them...) and eat all the yummy food and cook good pumpkin pie and play my new Wii game-american idol (thanks kels!). so im sure it will be lovely.

and hopefully, very restful.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

some great recent moments in my life

great recent moments in my life:
-teachers lounge at a local elementary school (where i student teach), everyday the Hispanic women who do the crossing guard and recess duty come in for an hour break in between recess'. they are all pretty large, older women, and when they arent rattling off about the weather in Spanish they are talking about their crossing duty woes. yesterday they were discussing how some people cross the street at the wrong spot and ways to handle the situation. they discussed this at lenght. or they will just be quiet and stare into space or stare at me making copies. often they fuss with the air conditioner even though i feel perfectly fine, they are all sweaty and gross from being outside. even now im giggling...

-when my supervising teacher tells all the third graders how great i am for preparing a bunch of curriculum for her and has them all say thank you to me. then she says, "we should call you Super Woman, orrr Wonder Woman!" and then the kids started coming up with their own, which included:
"or how about, Super Nice Woman!"
"or Super Teacher!"
"and Super Awesome!"
they love me. does it get any better than that?

-when i get 105% on my math test that was really hard, that i studied around 3 hours for, and that has been my hardest most stressful most tearful subject since the 4th grade.

-when i get really sad and frustrated with myself for being so self-centered, so cynical, and so selfish. but Jesus forgives me and does all the work for me when i ask him and let him change me to be the real person i was created to be. what would i do without you.

-when its been a LONG day and all i have to come home to is my doggies, some wine, and some folk...or piano music. no kids to scramble to make dinner for, no house to clean, no homework, nada. (this could actually be very depressing now that i think about it...but tonight im very thankful)

-when i turn in my 17 page paper (and thats without the appendix of evidence) Reading Case Study that i worked around 6 hours on SATURDAY on. the 6 hours is excluding the collection of evidence, which was about a 2 hour process also.

-when my beloved girls at school make me feel like im NOT crazy for being so cranky about things, but worry about me for being cranky all the same. i am loved.

write your great moments down somewhere. life isnt all that bad. its good to think about that sometimes. at least for me.


Monday, November 17, 2008

im ridiculous

well i sat by PE boy today (hooray!) and he told me what i missed because i was late again but thats all. so we'll see what happens wednesday. im kinda a creeper.

today my knee and ankle hurt a lot from the shower incident. i limped a little but managed some of the stairs on campus and it is feeling better. i got the brilliant idea to take some pain meds today to hello, should have done that ages ago. but luckily while i was coming down to dinner my other foot missed the bottom stair and i fell again and almost sprained my other ankle. so things are looking up for the clumsiest girl alive.

brothers birthday was fun, me and my family downed 4 bottles of wine between the 6 of us. we pretty much rule. i was joking that "brother turned 21 so we ALL celebrated!" haha its so true. and lukey is so fun! he likes to eat pickles and its the cutest thing!

looking forward to this weekend is the only thing getting me through this long week! next week will be short, just one day of school and thats it! and full of fun friends and family and little to no homework and no small school and just a nice resting time and time for some finals prep. so this week seems so longgggg. and this weekend is my fun girls Twilight weekend and im so excited!!! plus i get to play with kels and annie and see kels new place and its going to be a nice little vaca.

i need a new book to read. im in the middle of Wuthering Heights and i absolutely LOVE it but its hard to read when you just wanna turn your brain off for have to think while you read because the older english and amount of characters is confusing.

i need to apply for thinking tutoring. but im so looking forward to break that i just dont want to think about work at all until finals and all this crap is over! maybe ill just forget about it until after christmas and then start looking for a jobby job to supplement my meager income.

thats all.
mom and the birthday boy!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

some things

today is brothers birthday! hooray! happy birthday brother!

today i went to the Apple store to get my computer actually fixed this time...but of course the cute manager there caught my eye...he was complete with trendy designer glasses, converse, half sleeve tat, and i think i even saw a wrist tattoo in there too...anyway, he was my type through and through. so we were kinda flirting, kinda not though because i was cranky about my computer and someone else was helping me...but then when i was just about to think of something witty and clever to say to him i did the wedding ring check and sure enough, married. so i decided that married people should start wearing t-shirts that say 'married' on them...but then i realized thats what the ring is for. owell.

also today,
my bathtub/shower doesnt have a bath mat for whatever reason so i always have to be really careful getting in and out and while im in the showever...well today when i was getting in i totally ate it and severely injured myself. my ankle is all torn up and sore and my knee is so sore im limping. i feel like a grandma. but seriously, it hurts real bad. im really clumsy people, it totally sucks.

this is my week of TWILIGHT!!! so excited! hopefully after this week i wont be such a freak anymore about it and can be a normal person again.

i got two huge papers done this weekend! yay! i did them alll weekend so the rest of the week i can play! tomorrow im going to try and go to my friends show in san marcos and maybe see the lovely and talented people whom i miss and love there, tuesday me and melissa have a date i cant disclose without telling kelsey first, thursday i have a doctors appointment im kinda nervous about, and friday is girls fun weekend 2008!!! yay!!!

tomorrow im going to try and dress cute for PE boy in my class, ill keep you updated:)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


cute boy from PE specifically made a point to talk to me today! ive had a crush on him since the first day of class but i was pretty sure my lack of coordination skills during activities would scare him off. i think my humor, good looks, and charms may have wooed him back again...hehe. its the little things that get us through the longest and most boring of days, such as today.

and then me and my best girls from my cohort went out for a drink after our horribly long day and it was SO wonderful. im so freaking thankful for them its ridiculous!

i love my iphone. i dont know how i ever lived without it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

mrs. grumpy gills

aww man today was the worst! well it wasnt that bad, ive had worse, but today just kept building up and im so so so done now. i had to vent a little. (PS sorry its been so long but i havent had anything worth writing about...kinda...)

1) today i had 2 hefty presentations and they went well so thats not a big deal but i spent ALL weekend preparing for them so im kinda burnt out. when i went to print something from my powerpoint before i presented it in my next class, all the pictures i took of specific documents and dragged into my presentation so the class could see them were all BLANK. i spent at least an hour taking the pictures, adjusting them in iphoto, resizing them in powerpoint...ARG. i was NOT happy. but luckily i fixed it before the actual presentation so at least it didnt look like total crap.

2) i worked so hard all weekend on homework and presentations that i have at LEAST 3 sore paper cuts all over my fingers. i just got a new one about 10 minutes ago and its all sore and bleedy (sorry kels, but its true)

3) the lovliest part of my day was when best buy called to tell me for the 3rd time ive brought my mac in for repairs that "nothings wrong you crazy!". i tried to call them back 3 times but it just kept ringing so i had to go there after school. they informed me that my computers hardware is perfectly fine and the issues im having, and have had since like 6 months after i got the computer, must be internal software issues and thats not covered by my $400 care program. yeah. awesome. so how much would it be to fix the computer? oh you know...$35 for shipping back and forth...and then around $100 per thing that ends up being wrong with it. so im not very happy about that. so i say screw you guys, if im paying anyone im paying actual apple people instead of you assholes. so i go all the way to the apple store and try to make an appointment but of course they are booked for at least 72 hours in advance. awesome.

so my papercuts, broken powerpoint, broken computer, and asshole best buy people have ruined my day.

i hate computers.
i hate best buy.
and i even hate apple.

however, upon leaving best buy almost crying i happened upon a "free" copy of the latest entertainment weekly with my Twilight loves on the cover and a 6 page spread inside! so that at least made me a little happier for about 30 minutes! hooray!

now excuse me while i go put some neosporin on my cuts and bandaid all my fingers.