Wednesday, November 19, 2008

some great recent moments in my life

great recent moments in my life:
-teachers lounge at a local elementary school (where i student teach), everyday the Hispanic women who do the crossing guard and recess duty come in for an hour break in between recess'. they are all pretty large, older women, and when they arent rattling off about the weather in Spanish they are talking about their crossing duty woes. yesterday they were discussing how some people cross the street at the wrong spot and ways to handle the situation. they discussed this at lenght. or they will just be quiet and stare into space or stare at me making copies. often they fuss with the air conditioner even though i feel perfectly fine, they are all sweaty and gross from being outside. even now im giggling...

-when my supervising teacher tells all the third graders how great i am for preparing a bunch of curriculum for her and has them all say thank you to me. then she says, "we should call you Super Woman, orrr Wonder Woman!" and then the kids started coming up with their own, which included:
"or how about, Super Nice Woman!"
"or Super Teacher!"
"and Super Awesome!"
they love me. does it get any better than that?

-when i get 105% on my math test that was really hard, that i studied around 3 hours for, and that has been my hardest most stressful most tearful subject since the 4th grade.

-when i get really sad and frustrated with myself for being so self-centered, so cynical, and so selfish. but Jesus forgives me and does all the work for me when i ask him and let him change me to be the real person i was created to be. what would i do without you.

-when its been a LONG day and all i have to come home to is my doggies, some wine, and some folk...or piano music. no kids to scramble to make dinner for, no house to clean, no homework, nada. (this could actually be very depressing now that i think about it...but tonight im very thankful)

-when i turn in my 17 page paper (and thats without the appendix of evidence) Reading Case Study that i worked around 6 hours on SATURDAY on. the 6 hours is excluding the collection of evidence, which was about a 2 hour process also.

-when my beloved girls at school make me feel like im NOT crazy for being so cranky about things, but worry about me for being cranky all the same. i am loved.

write your great moments down somewhere. life isnt all that bad. its good to think about that sometimes. at least for me.


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