Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh Whats-his-name, you slay me. strike three!

Remember how whats-his-name fell off the face of the planet for...2.5 weeks now? Remember how it was because "he was busy with work" and "had the flu?"

Well, lets have a little snippet into our FINAL conversation (via text) in a little episode I like to call,
"A Jerkface? Or not a Jerkface? That is the question."

Set the scene: After I got his long message on Saturday about how sick he was and sorry for not calling FOR TWO WEEKS I decided to call him back Sunday evening. Left a normal person voicemail. Didnt hear back. I decided Tuesday night would be a good time to check in and see how he was and if he was worth my time.

Me: Are you dead? Did you die of swine flu?!

Whats-his-name: Dude, why u keep saying im dead? this's like the fourth time ur telling me that

Me: uhhhh because you had the flu and Im asking how your doing. nm I wont bother you again, jeez!

Whats-his-name: yea, usually people say "how are you feeling?" not if im dead

Me: well I guess im not usual people then.

I KNOW RIGHT. Stop me anytime if im overreacting...BUT There were no words. I was literally speechless at his reply. There were so many emotions...anger, annoyance, sadness, confusion...I may have teared up a little upon the first reading. I mean, my stomach jumped into my throat at how incredibly rude and WEIRD his reply was. Granted, I did ask him if he was dead 2 weekends ago when I hadnt heard from him all weekend...even though we were supposed to have plans. And, my texts werent super star but its something I would ask any friend if they were sick, its just a fun way to ask how they're doing, right? Seriously, this guy is so freaking weird. I mean, WHO SAYS THAT?! Especially to a girl they supposedly like? so rude.
So that was his last strike.
hes donzo.
Even if I am overreacting, then apparently we dont communicate well and Im over it. I cant believe how angry I am about it.

Thoughts racing through my mind...
"is he SERIOUSLY talking to ME that way? Are you kidding? Who do you think you are? Why would I want to date you when you just made me feel bad about myself? What is wrong with you? How dare you speak to someone like that? Am I overreacting? uhhhh no, if any guy makes you feel bad about yourself then hes so not worth your time. Dating is supposed to be fun. dating is supposed to be fun. dating is supposed to be fun..."

so yeah, file that away in the weirdos folder.

so now when he calls, mamas gotta SHUT IT DOWN. thats right. DOWN.
and he'll call, dont you worry, they always call. ahaha

In other "dating" news, besides the Thursday date with One I now officially have a date with Number 2 for Friday. I convinced him to drive up here so we can go to a free movie in the park that Ive wanted to go to all month. We will be seeing Four Frightened People. I plan and drinking all the wine and making out like all my other dates!

Joking people. that was a joke. Please dont leave me comments about how Im a whore. I know already, thanks.

Ive just made an executive decision to start tagging my entries. Mostly because I love the nicknames for my dates so much that I want to tag the entries about them.

oh, Numero Tres emailed me with the subject titled "Hello Emily". Poor Numero Tres, he never even had a chance.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh, The Times They Are A Changing...

Some things are just weird.

Like, whats-his-name barely contacting me for like 2 weeks (see previous posts about our 3 dates over the last few weeks) then to find a voicemail from him on my phone last night, "so sorry, I've been super sick with the flu all week and have been missing work and its just been really awful..."

uhhhhh now what.

THEN One plans to take me out on Thursday. He picked a restaurant with vegan food which was cute, BUT THEN. BUT THEN. BUT THEN. we're going mini golfing. IF YOU KNOW ME AT ALL, YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT GAMES IN GENERAL. LET ALONE MINI GOLFING.

uhhhhh now what.

Phone interview for Teach for America.

Good. I think I did really well and knew what I was talking about...it was actually a lot easier then I thought it would be. I think practically being a teacher already helps...a lot. The final in-person day long interviews are between October 19-23, I sign up for a day. I find out if I made it to the final interview on October 6, my birthday! The day long interview is what Im dreading. Not because it will be difficult, but because it will be boring...haha. Also, I just read about the summer institute Ill have to do if I make it. 6 weeks of intensive teacher training and then teaching summer school for 2 hours in the evening. kill me now. I already am SO SICK of my teaching program, i dont know if after I graduate Im going to be down to spend 6 weeks doing it all over again.
PS thanks to everyone who asked how it went! Your all so stinkin cute, i love it. And I know you all secretly dont even want me to really leave you, so its extra sweet:)

So far the plans are weird and slim and everythings been crazy and its frustrating. But I have 2 for sure AMAZING adventures planned and am thrilled about them. BirthDAY me and my best girlies from school are putting our passes to good use and going to disneyland!!!
1) you know how much I <3 disneyland.
2) birthdays at disneyland should be a law.
3) i have a pass for I get $70 disney dollars to spend instead of getting in for free!!! My plan is to all get Mickey Ears to be adorable for the day and I want to spend my dollars eating at the Blue Bayou which Ive never gotten to do before and I get to wear a "its my birthday!" pin and get lots of attention. And you all know how much I love attention, haha.
THEN me and my original best girls are going downtown on Friday to dance it up real good. Cammie hooked us up with a sweet hotel room at his work. Ive never officially gone dancing downtown, I dont know if ill like it since im more of a north park kind of girl...but who cares, its my birthday+drinking+favorite girls+getting dressed up+music+dancing= GOOD.

I have other friends I want to celebrate with too, but I dont like forcing them to take me out to celebrate for my birthday. haha. So dear ones, its all in your hands. Call me and ask to do fun things with me.


oh god, what am I supposed to do about that.
More importantly, what am I supposed to wear to this soiree? What does one wear mini golfing? Normally I get dressed up for dates, do I have to wear pants now? But I hate pants. And what if whats-his-name calls? pants and golf and boys?! this is all too much for a girl to bare.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Can I PLEASE be her for halloween?! Think I can pull if off? Its between the two...


Last year I was Holly Golightly and I havent dressed up otherwise. Its time to get serious people. Wont look this good forever, hahaha

Stories from the 5th Grade

Today the kids were being suuuuuper funny. I kept just stopping and laughing at them, they are just so hilarious sometimes!

1) The teacher was reading aloud a story and every once in awhile stopping to make sure they understand words or ideas:
Teacher: so guys, whats a "social life"?
Student: DATING! (laughter ensues)
Teacher: what?! a social life isnt dating!
Student: yes it is!
Teacher: Your in 5th grade! You dont even know what dating is! (giggling...)
Student: yes we do!

2) Just normally transitioning between activities, when there is a calamity in between tables!:
Teacher: whats going on?!
Student: its Charlie!
Teacher: what?
Other Student: its the bug!
Teacher: you guys named the bug?
Another Student: ahhh dont step on Charlie!
Teacher: can someone please just take the bug outside.
All Students: awwwwww

I was on the other part of the room so I didnt exactly know what was going on and had to ask a student:
Me: whats going on?
Student: its just Charlie
Me: what?
Student: charlie the pincher bug. (as if it was SO obvious)

They are super fun and sweet sometimes. But seriously, 5th graders can be quite the little stinkers. Today was the first day I realized I actually really like each of them. Its been almost a month. It took me that long, haha.

Wine date tonight with Number 2? But not before a nap. Those stinkers know how to wear a girl out.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not Crazy Anymore.

New boys want to date me! hooray!
To begin with:
So whats-his-face never called all weekend. I was somewhat concerned since its very unlike him not to call when he says he will...and lets face it, I was somewhat annoyed. so I texted him to make sure he wasnt dead and sure enough he had to go out of town for work. You couldnt have told me? Very rude. I didnt say that to him of course. But I thought it...lots. But he said hed call me this week, so Im trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. Well, its Wednesday. Which still gives him a few days, but I'm not counting on it. and after a day or two of being bummed and anxious about it, I'm fine now. Just all of a sudden I was fine yesterday and didnt care if he ever called again. So there you go.

And always, just when I think Ive gotten used to things as they are things change again. Yesterday after I was all fine, 3 more boys asked to take me out. Yes, thats right. three. And not just random weird ones, they asked too but I dont count them, actual legit young men.
Well, kinda.
One is 2 years younger then me and just graduated and is unemployed, gross. But after I told him those were my reasons for not going out with him (just a weird thing I have...must not be younger or cant not have a job...so strange isnt it;) he wrote me this long thing where I was convinced that at least we'd have a nice evening together and Id get a free dinner out of it, haha. So yeah. He'll be calling. I promise Ill be nice.

Number 2 gentlemen actually has a real job and from what I know about him, he reminds me of whats-his-name. Same kind of job with investment banking or something and similar life aspirations. He was nice and again, not my type, but not unattractive either so Im going to let him take me out. We have a wine date for tomorrow evening. I still dont have a lot of expectations for it being either good or bad...but it could still be fun. I didnt make it shopping the other day, now I HAVE to go! yay!

Finally numero tres is some beautiful actor man from Glendale who talked to me for like an hour and was SO nice and we had such a lovely conversation! He asked for my number but I doubt anything will happen. He just lives so far away. But it was still fun to have someone interested in me. Thats always nice for us single girls. we need attention too.

So thats my update for the day. Ill keep you all posted on how things go with number 2 and if anything happens with One or Numero Tres. And yes, those shall be there names now. Number 2 keeps reminding me of this guy:
Who isnt even the real Number 2 from AP, but I just keep thinking of him. Remember when he kept dying and it wouldnt work out? ahaha Oh man, mike myers and will ferrell together are like my dream team.

The real Number 2. Hopefully mine wont have an eye patch. Or be a million years old.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I'm tired of writing about my boy woes. However, today is the first day where i feel like its not consuming my thoughts entirely. So instead of whining about how boys suck and im going to die alone, Im going to discuss (probably whine) about other things.

But just really quick. We have this awesome conversation on wednesday, right? Then he texts me and we talk throughout the week and I get a...ill call u when the weekend gets closer so we can make plans...and everythings great. UNTIL the weekend comes and nothing. nada. zip. Just as I was beginning to maybe trust this guy a teeny tiny bit, he pulls this crap. And honestly, i dont care THAT much. Im just more annoyed than anything else. And extra frustrated that now I have to deal with THIS. He said that he was a gentleman and always calls even if its to tell a girl he thinks they should just be friends. His record has been perfect so far. SO i can only expect hes going to call and either give me the "lets just be friends" speech OR I have to give him the "your rude and wasted my time this weekend and may not call me again, ass." NEITHER is appealing to me at the moment. plus, seeing your extremely ex boyfriend with his new girlfriend over the weekend while all this crap is going down doesnt exactly boost a girls self esteem. and now I feel bad about myself. awesome. Glad the weekend is over so I can get back to being busy...and awesome.

in other news. in regards to feeling bad about myself, Ive been thinking more about moving to NYC. I have my phone interview for the program THIS WEEK. Ill find out if I made it to the final interview at the end of the month, and final interview is at the end of October. But suddenly I dont feel "cool" enough to move to NY. And how will I make friends if I teach children all day? I dont know any cool restaurants and I dont know if I want to fit into the Brooklyn crowd or the uptown crowd...decisions decisions. Then again, beautiful men wanted to befriend me literally on every corner and its so different there...they just strike up conversation with you and then your going out later for drinks. Its crazy. Not like here. SO different. Its like NY is one big party where everyone you meet was invited so you already have that in common. What if I get depressed from constant dreary rain all the time? What do i do with Worms?
I guess moving is always scary. Moving to NY is always scary. I just want to go. Im going to go. Ill figure it out. Im still going. And if it sucks Ill just fly across the pond to Paris and remember where I can find my soul whenever necessary. Or just fly to visit Cassie and REALLY remember who I am. Oh, I do miss her.

Lets face it. Ill never be as "cool" as her.

Im going shopping. Whenever I feel bad about myself I go shopping to remember how awesome I am. I am a very good shopper. And do not deny myself the high one gets from buying something 75% off, I just use it wisely.

Im also going to bake a pie. A vegan peanut butter pie and you cant stop me. Also, to remind myself how awesome I am. Shit, I can shop and bake and care for large groups of children, Im like a professional 1950's housewife over here. Now wheres my vodka and Valium;)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Still a Crazy Person

Oh the boy. Oh me the crazy person. Oh what a long week. Oh my dramatic heart.

SO basically, without getting too much into it (despite what you may think I DO realize this is a public blog;). We went out for drinks on Monday and had a nice time...besides the fact that he smelled, haha, i forgot to tell some of you that, haha. I know he had gone to the gym so maybe he just stunk from that...but it was just sweaty man smell which I dont mind tooooo much. Plus, I smelled like Marc Jacobs Daisy so I made up for both of us. it was funny though. I didnt tell him so, dont worry.

ANYWAY, so we were having a nice time and he invited me over again for our next date on the upcoming weekend...again, I refused. and again he questioned me as to why I refused. After a bit of an awkward debacle about how "Im not that kind of girl", and hes somewhat confused, it was time to go so he walked me to my car and gave me a weird peck of a kiss and that was it. SO I assume thats it. I never expected to hear from him again.

Based on my experiences with men (limited, but still existent) once they realize Im not sleeping with them on the first few dates, they're over it. Mostly because women are whores nowadays and they can just find someone else. Also, its NORMAL for me to think that when hes inviting me over to his house, thats what he means, RIGHT? im not totally insane here. So I was all frustrated with men and women in general and questioning my classy way of doing things (SO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME I EITHER HAVE TO BE A SLUT OR AN OVERLY PRUDE CHRISTIANY WERIDO?! THOSE ARE MY OPTIONS?!?!?!). I was just sad and reminded about being alone, and feeling like a crazy person, etc.

BUT (and its a big but), just as I was over it and wasnt worrying about it anymore by wednesday, HE CALLS.

yeah. seriously.

and acts like nothing is wrong. but im super surprised so he asks me why and we get into it. He explains that when he invites me over, he is really just inviting me over and ISNT insinuating anything and isnt a gross guy who likes slutty girls anyway. He keeps telling me hes a good guy, he doesnt treat girls like that. and I keep telling him that based on my experiences im just trying to be cautious. and that I dont have to trust him yet after 3 dates. so we keep talking and even more surprising the conversation ends nicely. he texts me later that day because hes thinking of me. he likes me. he just may be a real gentleman. I just may have watched too many Lifetime movies or Law and Order SVU and may be a little crazy. we're going out again this weekend.

the end.

lesson learned: dont be a crazy.

PS: Thanks everyone for all your comments. They are always so helpful and sweet. Love you all!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm a crazy person.

He said he'd call and he always does so I wasn't worried all day. But
then it got to be evening and I started to panic. Reviewed the entire
date trying to figure out what I could have overlooked as not good,
sat in bed for 20min feeling sorry for myself, planned a clever text
to send him if no call by 9, and then as soon as I had written him off
and regained my self confidence as an amazing woman...he called.

Were going to have drinks tomorrow night. (trying to avoid his house
like the plague.)

I'm a crazy person.

The Dinner Date

Luckily I got rid of the rents so he could pick me up without having to meet them...i mean, I think he would have totally fine and my parents could have probably held it together...but I just didnt feel ready for that. I dont want all my dates to have to meet my parents, I still want it to be a kind of special thing. SO he picked me up in his Mercedes, and I looked pretty stinkin hot (curled hair, fake eyelashes, the whole deal), and he told me I was pretty, and we went to When In Rome.

He ordered us really good wine, at my request of nothing too dry. They made me an AMAZING pasta primavera at my request of nothing with cheese or meat. Our cute old italian waiter tells me, "oh, we'll make something for you, we'll make something for you.". The pasta and sauce were SO fresh Ive never tasted anything so flavorful! Then I broke my no cream rule and had a bite of 3 desserts, all of which were delicious. Besides the yummy food and atmosphere, we had such a nice time together. Had so much to talk about and we both just get along really well. We really like to discuss things about just different random stuff. We are both opinionated and like to talk about stuff, which is so fun to have someone to talk about stuff with. And its never heated, its always just in fun and in the end we just agree to disagree or laugh. So that was great.

Then he invited me to his house. And I knew that wasnt a good idea. So we went to a quiet bar down the street instead. We just talked and enjoyed each others company more there, and I realized half way through the conversation that I hadnt noticed anything else in the entire room...we were just totally in the moment enjoying our time together. It was sweet.

He kissed me.

He complimented me lots.

He also offered to take me to his house 2 more times, which I politely refused and changed the subject. As much as I want to, I mean...I am a real person, Im just trying to be a lady. A nice girl. Being a nice lady is a lot more work though.

He said he would call me today, and we might have plans for tomorrow. He always calls when he says he will and will usually text me or something...but nada today. NOTHING. and its getting late and im anxious. Which is annoying, because after the first date I only kinda cared if he called or not. But now all of a sudden Im all fussy and anxious.

But im just about over it. As in, if he doesnt call he doesnt call.

Im not super duper attached, we just have fun together and its nice to be liked so of course I dont want that to end.

He has a few more hours, we'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Lunch Date

I forgot to tell you all that I had another date with someone else on Monday. We went to Poisidens in Del Mar. It was beautiful, right on the beach, and such a nice day. We had a nice time, lots to talk about getting to know each other and everything. He has a good job, nice things, nice car, sounds like he has a good family, likes to travel, has lots of things to keep him busy with friends and activities during the week, hes a good guy. My only hesitation is that he isnt "my type"? Im just SO attracted to the arty musicy Indie guys who never like me back and are typically pretentious jerks anyway without jobs or proper social skills. He is the polar opposite. Works in intense corporate America and LIKES it, which, you know me, so NOT my thing. This guy is great, we just dont have anything in common really, which also seems to freak me out a little. He does like to travel and do cultural stuff like I do, but more because he was raised to like them and less because hes a freak about them like me. Which is fine, at least we'd have some things to do together.

Anyway, we had a really nice lunch. He knows how to treat a girl, which was really great. Opened doors, paid for everything even my valet, always made sure I had sparkling water, it was a good time.

SO he called the next day (crazy right) and we are going to dinner again on Saturday.
I'm just excited to get to know him more and to have fun.
Dating is fun.
It just requires a lot more thought.

Your all so excited you get to follow along on my dating adventures, hehe.

Currently watching a crazy movie called Rabbit Proof Fence. Its for my Art & World Cultures class and its such a crazy story. I cant believe just 80 years ago this happened. They used to STEAL aboriginal children from their families and send them to live in schools to learn to be servants where they could only speak english and had to follow Catholic traditions. Its really awful to watch. And amazing how the Australians didnt learn from how awful our Native America "re-education" plan went. Its pretty much the exact same thing. so sad.

Ok, back to work.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Hes Just Not That Into Me?

He texted me this morning to say that he had to go to the ER last night from fainting and got stitches so we had to put our date on hold for now. I asked what happened and he said that he went to the gym yesterday for the first time in more then a year (which I think is cute since its probably because he had a hot date with a certain somebody;) and didnt drink enough water and then had some beer and fainted and cut open his bottom lip. so embarrassing, hehe.

Thats not a brush off right? And he told me today at 11a.

Too be honest, Im pretty ok with things. I mean, I was excited to go out and I actually think it could have been a good date. But for a number of reasons its ok with me (for now its ok...this will change if I actually never hear from him again)
1) My face is all broken out from eating too many nuts. I know, right.
2) Friends are having a fun pre labor day party today and I was going to miss most of it, so Im glad I get to go now. Im also making delicious food for the party and really wanted to get to do that.
3) I need to re-dye my hair but didnt feel like doing it. Now I can do it tomorrow and he'll never know.
4) I have such skepticism about boys already, that I had very little hopes up about anything actually happening. so really, I'm not too dashed
5) 2 other boys wanted my number to ask me out sometime this week, so this isnt the end of the world. Although he was my favorite one I think.

So we'll see.
Oh man, I sure hope things work out with him solely for the reason that someday he can discover my blog and what I wrote about him. mwahaha.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Cry Face! and others.

So the last few days, for NO apparent reason I have been so teary eyed at the most RANDOM things. This happens every once in awhile, unrelated to hormones, but just because.
Here's a list of things that have made my eyes well in the last few days. seriously RIDICULOUS!

-So You Think You Can Dance best 15 dances:
A lot of them are really powerful, but teary eyed worthy? Especially after Ive seen them at least 3 times before? I dont know about that.

-Bleeding Love song by Leona Lewis:
It was on the radio on the way to work today and I just got all weepy because I related to the song about being alone...but then it was about being in love now...and then I realized Im not actually that lonely (certainly not enough to cry about it!) and then realized Im crazy. But got all teary anyway. so funny.

-Shawshank Redemption Movie Clip in Class:
We were discussing how music effects people in amazing ways, and watched the clip when he plays the opera over the PA system and everyone stops what they're doing and listens. I couldnt handle it, even though Ive seen it before, I got all teary eyed AGAIN.

-No Cars Running song by Arcade Fire:
Again, have listened to this song a million times, but for some reason this time it was so beautiful it made me cry. haha so lame.

Ill try to take note of when the other instances take place. Im sure this is just the beginning.

In other news, all my clothes have stains on them. Well, not all of them. But the set of revolving dresses I wear on a regular basis, 4 of them have stains...out of like 7. Lets see...one got apple cider vinegar on it from when I put it on my dogs wounds. I spilled food on my blue stripey one. I spilled burrito on my painty one. And today I put on a green one thinking it was stain free, but no. I just found a weird grey stain right on the front of it. Now I have all this laundry to do. But I do think its funny. All the clothes I have to wear in this weather I cant wear because they have stains. silly.

I have a date on Sunday! weird right? Im not making a big deal out of it, because Im not expecting anything to happen. It will just be nice to be taken out and it will be fun. He did a god job planning what we're going to do, so if anything Ill have fun doing that. Besides, dating is supposed to be fun! I really wish it was a date with the boy I have a crush on, but apparently he sucks at actually asking for my number or asking me to do things. ANNOYING. thats right boys, I said it, your annoying. get it together.

School started this week. I actually like my classes but am so NOT excited to be back at school I had a rough week. I was just so cranky and tired. Over it. I think im also just really burnt out of the teaching stuff and am sick of everyone in my cohort. Too much togetherness under high stress going on our 3rd year together...not fun. But im extra excited for my 2 art classes...but am still in denile I have a HUGE amount of reading and homework to do. Trying to get it all done so I can actually enjoy the holiday weekend.

Note to self: wearing hair in braids on top of head like Heidi=bad hair days to follow. But it was worth it.