Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh, The Times They Are A Changing...

Some things are just weird.

Like, whats-his-name barely contacting me for like 2 weeks (see previous posts about our 3 dates over the last few weeks) then to find a voicemail from him on my phone last night, "so sorry, I've been super sick with the flu all week and have been missing work and its just been really awful..."

uhhhhh now what.

THEN One plans to take me out on Thursday. He picked a restaurant with vegan food which was cute, BUT THEN. BUT THEN. BUT THEN. we're going mini golfing. IF YOU KNOW ME AT ALL, YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT GAMES IN GENERAL. LET ALONE MINI GOLFING.

uhhhhh now what.

Phone interview for Teach for America.

Good. I think I did really well and knew what I was talking was actually a lot easier then I thought it would be. I think practically being a teacher already helps...a lot. The final in-person day long interviews are between October 19-23, I sign up for a day. I find out if I made it to the final interview on October 6, my birthday! The day long interview is what Im dreading. Not because it will be difficult, but because it will be boring...haha. Also, I just read about the summer institute Ill have to do if I make it. 6 weeks of intensive teacher training and then teaching summer school for 2 hours in the evening. kill me now. I already am SO SICK of my teaching program, i dont know if after I graduate Im going to be down to spend 6 weeks doing it all over again.
PS thanks to everyone who asked how it went! Your all so stinkin cute, i love it. And I know you all secretly dont even want me to really leave you, so its extra sweet:)

So far the plans are weird and slim and everythings been crazy and its frustrating. But I have 2 for sure AMAZING adventures planned and am thrilled about them. BirthDAY me and my best girlies from school are putting our passes to good use and going to disneyland!!!
1) you know how much I <3 disneyland.
2) birthdays at disneyland should be a law.
3) i have a pass for I get $70 disney dollars to spend instead of getting in for free!!! My plan is to all get Mickey Ears to be adorable for the day and I want to spend my dollars eating at the Blue Bayou which Ive never gotten to do before and I get to wear a "its my birthday!" pin and get lots of attention. And you all know how much I love attention, haha.
THEN me and my original best girls are going downtown on Friday to dance it up real good. Cammie hooked us up with a sweet hotel room at his work. Ive never officially gone dancing downtown, I dont know if ill like it since im more of a north park kind of girl...but who cares, its my birthday+drinking+favorite girls+getting dressed up+music+dancing= GOOD.

I have other friends I want to celebrate with too, but I dont like forcing them to take me out to celebrate for my birthday. haha. So dear ones, its all in your hands. Call me and ask to do fun things with me.


oh god, what am I supposed to do about that.
More importantly, what am I supposed to wear to this soiree? What does one wear mini golfing? Normally I get dressed up for dates, do I have to wear pants now? But I hate pants. And what if whats-his-name calls? pants and golf and boys?! this is all too much for a girl to bare.

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