Friday, September 04, 2009

Cry Face! and others.

So the last few days, for NO apparent reason I have been so teary eyed at the most RANDOM things. This happens every once in awhile, unrelated to hormones, but just because.
Here's a list of things that have made my eyes well in the last few days. seriously RIDICULOUS!

-So You Think You Can Dance best 15 dances:
A lot of them are really powerful, but teary eyed worthy? Especially after Ive seen them at least 3 times before? I dont know about that.

-Bleeding Love song by Leona Lewis:
It was on the radio on the way to work today and I just got all weepy because I related to the song about being alone...but then it was about being in love now...and then I realized Im not actually that lonely (certainly not enough to cry about it!) and then realized Im crazy. But got all teary anyway. so funny.

-Shawshank Redemption Movie Clip in Class:
We were discussing how music effects people in amazing ways, and watched the clip when he plays the opera over the PA system and everyone stops what they're doing and listens. I couldnt handle it, even though Ive seen it before, I got all teary eyed AGAIN.

-No Cars Running song by Arcade Fire:
Again, have listened to this song a million times, but for some reason this time it was so beautiful it made me cry. haha so lame.

Ill try to take note of when the other instances take place. Im sure this is just the beginning.

In other news, all my clothes have stains on them. Well, not all of them. But the set of revolving dresses I wear on a regular basis, 4 of them have stains...out of like 7. Lets got apple cider vinegar on it from when I put it on my dogs wounds. I spilled food on my blue stripey one. I spilled burrito on my painty one. And today I put on a green one thinking it was stain free, but no. I just found a weird grey stain right on the front of it. Now I have all this laundry to do. But I do think its funny. All the clothes I have to wear in this weather I cant wear because they have stains. silly.

I have a date on Sunday! weird right? Im not making a big deal out of it, because Im not expecting anything to happen. It will just be nice to be taken out and it will be fun. He did a god job planning what we're going to do, so if anything Ill have fun doing that. Besides, dating is supposed to be fun! I really wish it was a date with the boy I have a crush on, but apparently he sucks at actually asking for my number or asking me to do things. ANNOYING. thats right boys, I said it, your annoying. get it together.

School started this week. I actually like my classes but am so NOT excited to be back at school I had a rough week. I was just so cranky and tired. Over it. I think im also just really burnt out of the teaching stuff and am sick of everyone in my cohort. Too much togetherness under high stress going on our 3rd year together...not fun. But im extra excited for my 2 art classes...but am still in denile I have a HUGE amount of reading and homework to do. Trying to get it all done so I can actually enjoy the holiday weekend.

Note to self: wearing hair in braids on top of head like Heidi=bad hair days to follow. But it was worth it.

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