Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Last of my Life + BIG news!

Last Day of my Life:

WELL. this is it. my last day of freedom.
I cant believe the summer is over already! it seems like I was just whining about how bored I am...summer over.

Tomorrow I have a BUSY day too. The beginning of a very busy week, which will reflect my life from here on out. BUT its my last official semester as an undergraduate!!! So, really...its like my last FIRST day of school?! yay!

but not really since teachers have first days all the time and ill be getting my masters eventually and will have to do this all over again, bleh. but having this long worked for, cried over, hateful, exhaustive BA done will feel SO great! and then its just fun student teaching (and by fun, I of course me equally exhaustive) for the spring semester and I'm PEACING OUT!!!

so today im trying to get everything done before my live is over. Cleaning out my car (this is a big deal for me, as you should well know), hanging up forgotten pictures, cleaning out corners, cleaning my bed sheets, spa day, errands, cooking for the week, everything I know I wont have the energy for ever again. sad.

unfortunately its so dang hot I can only do a little at a time before I start literally DRIPPING with sweat. I prefer to just look at the projects that need to get done while sitting in front of my fan.

well, Ive tried to tell everyone whose really close to me before I posted it online, and I think I've pretty much succeeded, so here goes for everyone else--- I have applied for Teach for America (through Americorp) to teach in the inner city of NYC (hopefully). I made it through the first application, and I'm on to the phone interview now at the end of September. Then its on to an in person interview in October, then I find out a few months down the road if and where I will be placed. soooo yeah. CRAZY right. Its a 2 year program, I get paid decently, and I get to pay back my loans and work on my masters degree for free! YAY! so thats pretty exciting. a little scary, but in a good way. so, im sure Ill gush more on everything later, but for now I have to focus on the task ahead of finishing the year strong.

I miss Disneyland.

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