Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Have I Been Doing, you ask?

I had such a great weekend! Me and Kelsey spent Sunday going to her church, eating delicious vegan food at the Veggie Grill, shopping at the giant Forever 21, and then the evening at Disneyland! I was so exhausted afterwards, but poor Kelsey had to go to work the next day, must have been rough!

Unfortunately on Monday I wasnt feeling very well (lack of sleep and an allergy attack) so I drove home from Kelseys and then just passed out with the doggies for a few hours before Jordan and Annie came by for a visit. Then me and Jordan went to the market because i haven't gone for 2 weeks and was tired of eating chips and guacamole for lunch everyday, ha.

Lately I have been watching Dexter season 1 (as inspired by Cassie actually), just finished last night! LOVE it so much! The plot was so developed, normally I can always figure out who and why the bad guys are on those kinds of shows, but not this one! and I love the depth and deep questions Dexter makes the viewers ponder. I find myself thinking a lot while watching, which means its definitely a good show. I finished it though, so its time for a break. While I was going to bed I couldnt get the image of blood out of my head so I knew it was time to quit for awhile. I have Mad Men season 1 on the way, we'll see how that goes. But instant watching is so much easier!!!

Bella is doing better. Her little feet are looking a teeny tiny bit better, but I most notice her personality is back! Shes perky and sweet again, even though she still cant really walk. Its nice to have her back after months of her being so tired and sad ALL the time. Hopefully we're now on a good path to getting her better.

one of my friends and I decided that if neither of us still has a man at 40, then we will get pregnant at the same time (hello sperm bank) and have babies anyway! We also decided that we would like to live in a duplex so we could have our own space, but still have fun with our babies together. we were SO excited! And it made both of us so hopeful for the future. Being SO single is rough. And by SO single I mean, not even a date in the last...I dont even want to say. But at the same time, I love being an independent young woman. I know I dont really want to be married right now either, although a bf would be nice, but whatever. I can do whatever I want. I can go wherever I want. I can sit all afternoon in bed with my dogs and watch Dexter and bake pies and no one can stop me! It was such a freeing concept when I realized I dont NEED a man. I have amazing girl friends and a promising future once school is over. I have done so much that I am able to figure out any situation without the help of a male counterpart. Im not saying it wouldnt be NICE to have a lovely boy around. And I think we were made to fit nicely with a male partner, but i still dont NEED them. I am perfectly able to take care of myself, thank you. And when I feel alone, I have about 10 girl friends and some rents who can tend to me, thanks. That being said, Im not lowering my standards just because I hate sleeping alone. So Mr. i-dont-have-a-job-and-live-at-home-cause-im-lazy guys who somehow find me at every bar or party, you can turn yourself right around. Im not that desperate.

I think I have been watching too much Sex and the City. or Hes Just Not That Into You. haha.

On todays agenda: walk Worms. buy Bella more fancy dog food in Del Mar. Buy vegan chocolate chips for my pie. Bake pie. Pick up room. Watch something lovely. probably nap.

This is my life now.

But PS, this is my last week of enjoyment! Next week I have friends in town, start my teaching internship, and work. then I start school the 31st! sad times. Im trying to enjoy every last second of my "boredom" as possible!!!

Man this ended up being long. enjoy!

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