Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I forgot

Forgot to add this to the Disneyland pictures of me and Kels. This is a good one from this year!(me. naked. obviously.)

Had a nice time with friends this week. But am really tired and spent the day napping and catching up on my shows (yay!). I did venture out to take alex to the airport this morning and later to get a vegan burrito from Ricos. Otherwise, nada. it was awesome. tomorrow i got meet my teacher for my student teaching this semester. Im excited, its a 5th grade class which ive done before but this will be more intensive. and 5th graders have grown on me a lot since then which is why I chose 5th, yay! haha watching Kathy Griffen stand up...shes so funny making fun of Hollywood. love it.

There was a cake episode this week.
Check it out on my other blog:
it was a doozy.

I think I might have a crush on a boy! which is always fun. oh to be young again...

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