Wednesday, October 31, 2007


this weekend im counseling up at the high school girls MADE conference up at Hume! im paking all my cute high schoolers from seacoast and we're makin the drive up on friday! kelsey is driving with me and im VERY excited!

this week has been kinda sucking and i dunno if its spiritual warfare coming up on this retreat this weekend, or if my life just sucks or whats going on.

ive decided that i have possibly one the the hardest majors ever and its cleverly disguised as being a wimpy cop out major which i wont get paid much for when i graduate. the liberal studies major and teaching program in the state of california is so stressful and difficult to get into and once in difficult to stay in...its ridiculous. not only do i have a major of something im not interested in (its just a bunch of subjects i have to be good at, rather then something sweet i chose to focus on and somewhat enjoy), but i have 5 tests i have to take, another full year after i get my BA done in a credential program where i student teach somedays (not paid) and have classes other days all day that totals like 40+hrs a week.
my starting salary after all that work is only going to be around $35,000/year.
i will constantly be forced to take more classes and even to get my masters degree someday if i want to move up the pay scale.
all so i can be controlled by the government, teach to the standardized tests so i dont lose my job, and put up with parents and their crazy kids.

im pretty sure im just gonna be a private school art teacher.

which doesnt make all these hoops any easier to jump through.

so thats my venting after a long week of school and a bad case of the grumpies.

this will cheer me up! this is me and lola in her Lobster costume. Bella is a hotdog and sometimes they switch costumes.
i didnt buy them! but they're to fricken cute.

Sunday, October 28, 2007



Saturday, October 27, 2007

mas picturas

smoke sky 2007 (photo credit: brother)

a funny picture from olivias bachelorette party in september...hehehe we're fun

fires 2007: our view from out house. and why we peaced out asap.

the best picture ever.

bella got a bow from her haircut and often sleeps with her tongue out cause shes cute like that.

best friends sleep together. hehe.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

100th post!

100th post! amazing! this is quite the occasion!!!

in honor of this occasion, ive decided to do some extra special things.


-i realized im very self centered. i used to be working on this and trying really hard to be like Jesus and care about others and not about myself. but im sucking at it, and i realized how far down the other side of the road ive gone. i dont know what to do. but im pretty sure having some real legit time with Jesus for the first time in about a month might be a start

-im very judgemental and opinionated and i tend to force other people i love listen to my judgements and opinions. once again, i used to be working on this and loving people and trying not to open my mouth...but im sucking at it big time to the point that i cant stop my mouth before speaking, im not even aware im doing it until ive said it.

-ive been "letting myself go" lately and eating whatever i want because of stress and being poor and just plain laziness and lack of self control. im normally such a healthy person its really weird to be "normal". ive been eating cookies from pei wei like its my job, downing diet coke like its water, even candy! i NEVER eat candy! so today i started eating normally again and i feel a lot better already.

-i get really lonely. and other then annie and people in my classes who i only kinda am friends with...i miss my friends. im having an affair with the tv which is ok, but i dont like watching it all alone (well Bella and Lola are with me, but still). i just want roommates and we'll sit all together in the evening and do homework and watch tv and make dinner together and be so fun

-Lola is the most amazing dog ever. while we were in the hotel i was holding her and sitting at the desk on the computer with a mirror on the wall. she definitly propped herself on the desk and started growling and barking at herself for like 15 minutes. it was AMAZING

-last night Lola managed to climb up onto the table and eat ALL the treats out of this pretty large bucket we have of treats we give them when they're good. i had to yell at her and act mad, but it was just so funny it was really hard not to just laugh.

-my coworker was talking to me today about something unrelated to anything anyone would ever have to know, and definitely broke into singing along with the radio mid sentence and then just picked up his sentence and finished it like nothing happened. i would like to say it was funny and hes a cool guy or something, but hes not. and sadly this whole "singing along to the radio" thing has gotten completely out of control.


this is one of the reasons its difficult for me to get out of the bed in the mornings.

due to technical difficulties, more pictures are to follow.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

home again home again

we moved back home this morning! yay!

the evacuation area and rancho fire is still pretty close to us, but the winds changed and arent headed this way anymore.

its frustrating because they resumed normal shows so catching the news and knowing whats going on is hard unless i keep checking the internet...but we're pretty sure we're in the clear. we're keeping packed tho, just in case.

isnt this crazy! san diego is on fire! ok, but im tired of talking about it and i want to discuss some other important things going on.

why did the babydoll dresses with spandex, combat boots, a scrunchie, and/or knee highs ever go out of style?! i was reminising while watching 1 love the 90's and i totally missed out on that movement cause i was too young and im sad.

colbert is running for candidacy in south carolina and in other states u can write him in. i think i will, cause i like him.

tomorrow i go to work and back into the real world. ehhhhhhh

but for now its time for my shows:)

Monday, October 22, 2007


well we got 2 calls in the evening telling us to prep to leave. i had packed before going to sleep cause i wanted to be ready. cassie called me at 8am telling me there were fires in san marcos, i looked out my window and everything was orange and black. so we decided to pack up and leave since by the time mandatory evacuations are given, u basically need to be running out.

after struggling to find somewhere to stay (cbad didnt seem much safer) we settled in oside with our lil pups. we have internet! woot. we're realllllly tired since we didnt get much sleep last night and have so much anxiety its ridiculous so we slept on and off along to watchin the news for most of the day.

now we dont know if we should leave here because fallbrook isnt very far away nor escondido soooooo we're still nervous and im reallll sick. ive been sick all weekend but todays been pretty bad.

schools cancelled which would be enjoyable but i didnt bring any school books and im to anxious to try and study or anything anyway.

its amazing how little i found i valued things. we took our old precious pictures a few changes of clothes and me and my dads laptops and my cuddly blanket...but besides a few sweet objects i have fro when i was little...i was amazed at how little i cared about things...i guess id miss my journals and india stuff and diplomas...but other then that, i realized my family and dogs and friends are so much more important to me.

be safe and breathe indoors!


Sunday, October 21, 2007

its been awhile

well kelsey reminded me i havent updated in quite awhile.
i havent really had much to update...still busy with school and work craziness.

i had all this stuff due for my integrated credential program at my school, and im excited to report that im almost doneeeee. i have things to turn in tomorrow and then a group interview next week and then im done and im in the program! yay!

so that'll be some stress behind me. it was seriously an entire folder of things to turn tests, medical forms, letters of recommendation...tons of stuff.

i had hardly any homework today. which would have been sweet except im sickkkkk.

yesterday me and kelsey went to disneyland and it was ridiculous. sooo crowded. i spent sooo much money i really shouldnt be spending. we rode a total of 3 rides and waited about an hour for each of them and those were the shorter lines. but was saw a SWEET parade. and me and kelsey felt sick and allergy all day but still had a goodtime laughing and being silly.

these are some of those stories:

Friday, October 05, 2007


well, my dear friend annie definitely conspired with my boss and got me a Mr. Sticky set!

should arrive in a few days and im going to use it on EVERYTHING.

its weird...ever since that stupid presentation, ive been finding all kinds of things i could use a mr sticky for...*sigh* and now i have one:)

today i had a job interview for a sweet job teaching at a private school in La Jolla, Apple technology to kids:) i realllly want the job, it sounds perfect for me.

then i went to micahs house and we went to sushi and i had sake for the first time, so good, and then we went to a pub and i got a chocolate martini and we shared a creme brulee cheesecake topped with irish cream (which is apparently the same as bailys! who knew?!). then we watched 2 funny episodes of freaks and geeks. then we started falling asleep and decided to call it a night.

i got to talk to my bestie Olivia today. i miss her mucho. i really wanna go visit her sad without my fun friend.

tomorrow im wearing my bridesmaid dress and going with some of my bests to goofys kitchen. im minorly excited (!!!!!!!!) why are we going? probably cause ITS MY BIRTHDAY.

i cut my dogs hair and it looks REALLY funny. lola looks like a snouzer and we gave bella a mowhawk. i love them. i wish they could come to my birthday.

i love iron and wines new album. sometimes when i listen to them my heart gets so full and big that i want to marry them and i dont know what to do with myself so i have to change it to something else before i get all emotional. i heart music.