Monday, October 29, 2012

When you find out that after over a year of being apart, he'll be home for 6 weeks and then gone again for 6-8 months.

You read that right.

When you find out that after over a year of being apart, he'll be home for 6 weeks and then gone again for 6-8 months.

There are no words.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Those Discussions.

Those discussions you never imagined having in your life. Let alone now.

Like when randomly it comes up that the man you're planning a life with is 100% firm on spanking his kids while you are quite the opposite and have plenty of justification as to why. We talked about it for a good 30 minutes last night after one of our usual silly 2 hour conversations about tv shows, funny videos, our day, etc.

So maybe "those" conversations with your significant other weren't about "to spank or not to spank", but I'm sure you've discussed something similar. Something that makes you step back and go...whoa...I'm OLD. And it's a little more tricky for us since he already has a son coming into the relationship. So does he just get to make all of the decisions for little bear and I have to go along with it? But we are both the primary care givers. And there has to be consistency between the two care givers and I refuse to spank so...see where it gets tricky?

By the end we weren't angry with each other, just frustrated. It's funny learning the different way we communicate with each other. We do best with these kinds of serious disagreements by taking a break for awhile and then coming back to talk about it again later. Usually we go a work day or so worth of time away from the topic and come back refreshed and with new perspectives. Plus, we are reminded to show grace to one another because we love each other so much so therefore we MUST make it work.

I wonder how this will work out when we live together. We do really well with telling each other what we need and the other not being offended by it so far. Such as, "I need to not talk about this anymore and to watch tv alone for awhile" ha. As silly as this always works. We're hoping this method keeps things sustained when we get frustrated with each other an can't just "go" anywhere.

Another bonus is that we don't really ever argue. In the last year I can say we've disagreed and kind of argued about maybe 3 things and always fixed it shortly after. Usually I frustrate him, he gets fussy with me, then we break and have time to think, and he apologizes for being a jerk face and I apologize for being frustrating. Boom. End. I would say for a couple who is struggling with long distance, very different upbringings, and baby mama drama that's pretty damn good.

So instead of buying a some more single and fabulous something or would appear its time for us to invest in some parenting books. I have a lot of experience in this area but need to brush up...while he could use the new knowledge to broaden his perspectives too.

As I always say...being an adult is weird.



Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Eyebrows. Good Times.

Don't get me wrong, I love plucking my eyebrows as much as the next girl. Every morning I have my little routine... Saturday I spend as long as I want and relish every minute. I don't wax mine because it makes my skin angry, but I know those ladies usually swear by eyebrow pencils between waxes. However, I still LOVE my new eye brow pencil and I will tell you why for the following reasons!!

1. Don't have to pluck everyday anymore. Saves me like 10-15 minutes every morning!

2. The look is much more dramatic and I can totally see a difference in how it shows off my features.

3. It takes maybe 5 seconds?

4. Apparently you can do these up more dramatically for special occasions or nights out. Haven't mastered this yet.

All in all, kind of obsessed with my eye brow pencil and encourage you to have your nearest make up counter fit you for one.

(PS this is not part of the lazy day weekend make up routine!)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Apparently Obese.

Oh did you know that according to the "always accurate" BMI index Ms. Christina Hendrix and I are considered obese? YEP.

So fun huh!
As mentioned before, I gained about 10lbs since I moved to Slovakia and back...I really just wanted to lose that and maybe 5lbs more. However...I've been on weight watchers more or less for 3 months now and totally sucking at it. Have gone up and down and am settled at the same weight now that I was when I began. With less then 6 weeks now until the bf gets to see me naked again after 6 long months (eeeeeee!!!), I kind of wanted to feel sexier then I did before. More comfortable in my own skin than I usually am. This has been a struggle.

Since I know I am not what I usually am, I am super self conscious about everything and am SO NERVOUS about him seeing me and thinking I look worse then I did before. Even though I am the same as when we were in MS together...I am being ridiculous. And a man seeing ANY woman he loves and is allowed to bang after 6 months isn't going to care AT ALL...but still.

So there I was. Feeling like crap. Getting my gym stuff together. Trying to get my shit back together. Trying to meal plan until my head was spinning....When birthday night happened. When the above picture happened.

When I remembered, DAMN GINA! YOU'RE A HOT PIECE OF ASS!!!

After not getting dressed up like this for awhile...after having NO ONE compliment or look at me (I work with all nerds)...I kind of forgot? And I forgot that socal is obsessed with looking like this:

When really my man (and most men outside of our little socal bubble) prefer my booty and boobies WAY over a stick thin blonde. Even if he wasn't with me he wouldn't go for that. This is hard to comprehend, let alone remember. In fact, after I met his friends in Tupelo they told him later "that chick is fucking HOT man! I would do her!" which although crass, isn't that how every girl wants to be described? Sexy. Hot. Beautiful. Desirable. 

I am really close to just canceling my weight watchers subscription and continuing to just make healthy choices almost everyday, but I genuinely think it makes me aware and at least maintain my current weight so I am sticking with it. Trying to say good bye to my nagging voices though. I always thought I'd have more confidence when I got older and these nagging voices would go away...and they've definitely gotten quieter. But they are still there. I suppose for all of us they always will be in some sense. Also hoping after I have my man around and SOMEONE noticing when I wear a new dress...or telling me I'm beautiful...or desiring me everyday...will help with this little blip too.

Girls are funny aren't we? Somedays I feel like the sexiest kitten around...and the next I want to wear sweats to work and cry. 



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Reason to Skip Sleep- New! Cat Power.

Cat Power is nothing new, she's been around for ages. BUT her newest album Sun is something worth talking about. From the opening songs which have a more upbeat and lighter nature than her previous albums, but as it continues its the same old Cat Power dredging up every emotion you've ever tried to stuff down. Her voice and the mixing is superb- yet again.

I've put my favorites onto our Spotify playlist.



Monday, October 15, 2012

Is Anyone Good At This?

Is ANYONE good at being an adult? I am single + fully employed and still feel like I am a failure ALL the time.

Nothing is ever clean...

always behind with laundry...

my dogs have fleas and allergies...

everything is messy and forever cluttered...

I ate gross lean cuisines for lunch all last week because I couldn't get my act together and go shopping...

Even with doing that, I've been on weight watchers 3 months and haven't lost a single pound...

I dont exercise...


I keep pin pointing it to my commute being an hour each way...then extremely busy 8-5 work being a social person means life things are always slipping through the cracks. I don't know how people DO this!!!

I guess when I think of people I know with clean houses and lots of home cooked meals...they don't work full time. And others who exercise and such work from home or aren't as social as I am. But how is everyone else DOING this?! After errands or happy hour I don't get home until 7 or later and then am exhausted! Saturday and Sunday I refuse to get out of bed until 12 because I am so tired. Last night I went to bed at 8:30 and didn't wake up until around 10a. This is getting ridiculous.

I am guessing I need to try and find time between getting up at 5:45a for work and getting home after 7 to exercise (?!) which will help with energy...and bring back my grocery and crock pot skills?

I am mostly afraid that since I can't do this all myself, how the heck am I supposed to do it with a husband and babies someday? Unless your a stay at home momma, which I would love to be...but even then cooking and cleaning and babies AND taking care of yourself?

Being an adult is a lot of work.

Being an adult woman is a lot of work.

Hoping things get easier with a partner in crime. Taking care of myself and my boys during our holiday was pretty easy...real life is happening in a mere 6 weeks! It'd be nice to not be the only one in charge of meals and cleaning everything...thats for sure. It's all happening.



Monday, October 08, 2012


Happy Birthday to Me! I simply can not believe another year has passed. Twenty- Seven. The number always seemed so high to me. I felt like I would have so much more of my life together by now...not necessarily in a good way. I guess I am kind of glad I am not as "adult" as I thought 27 was. I'm still single, still love going out, work to live and not the other way around, listen to good music, wear cute clothes, have more confidence in myself every year that passes. The list goes on. 

Last year I recall we decided to call twenty-six "The Year of Wonder" and oh my it was! I think thats about when my crazy partying days started to surprisingly come to a close as Mr. Boyfriend and I started our accidental long distance love affair. Where at the time I thought "wonder" was going to be more dancing on tables 5 nights a week and having meaningless affairs with various men...wonder took me on a completely different route than I ever expected. In fact, gosh its so much better. I found the love of my life. I am working on applying to our very own beautiful apartment in a part of the city I am excited to live in and it includes our little buddy. I'm not stressed about money. Or my mothers health. I've completely changed careers and while I don't love it 100%, I am trying to learn to like it for right now. What a serious wonder its in fact been.

Can't twenty-seven be the year of wonder too? This is the year everything is going to happen. Mr. Boyfriend and I are exactly 8 weeks away from moving into our apartment together (eeee!!!). We are going to get engaged and plan our wedding this year. I turn into a momma for his mini me. It's All Happening!

Ah- there is is.

"Twenty-Seven: It's All Happening"

I was so busy feeling sorry for myself this birthday I was overwhelmed with surprises! I was feeling a bit 16 candlesish with friends not being able to celebrate my birthday party I planned (as usual), my brother opting out of the family night, work forgetting and I had to beg my brother to take me out for lunch, I guess I just usually had lots of little mid week outings of friends wanting to celebrate with me or take me to lunch or something and this time it was much more minimal. Part of growing up. I dont think it helped that the one love I'd like to celebrate with is currently deployed to Brazil...just as an added bonus.

Oh, plus I had awesome PMS which makes for a very teary birthday.

ANYWAY. After all of that ridiculousness a few of my girls met me for a drink at my favorite wine bar the night before...

 The day of my mum made me breakfast and I treated myself to some Starbucks...

 Then my sweet family took me out for AMAZING Russian food down in San Diego. Spending time with them is always a treat. Plus, come on theres a sweet succulent baby involved. 
Look at him!!! GAH!

Plus flowers from friends galore, birthday calls, videos, and treats. I felt so loved. Next weekend I am arranging a dinner and dancing night with everyone to celebrate my favorite way...gosh I've missed dancing.

So here is to twenty-seven, "It's All Happening!"



Friday, October 05, 2012

Another Reason To Skip Sleep- Selah Sue

I don't know if this girl could be any cooler. Part Adele, part Rastafarian, part Erykah Badu...and SO young! She's from Belgium and on this new release, even has a song recorded with our boy Cee Loo Green. I have a feeling this lovely lady is going to make quite a scene with ehr unique style. Pretty easy listening...something I'd like to get on vinyl and have playing in the background while I make dinner or am relaxing after work.

Favorites Include:

  • This World
  • Raggamuffin
  • Please (the duet with Cee Lo!)
  • Mommy

Check out our "Another Reason to Skip Sleep" spotify link! I'll be putting all of my favorites in there each week for easy listening. 

Te gusta?



Thursday, October 04, 2012

Birthday Week Treats.

Over the last few years I've learned not to get too hyped up about my birthday anymore. Especially last year where the big gala ended up turning out like just another night with dramatic semi-friends practically ignoring me all night. The only good thing was when (now) Mr. Boyfriend and I spent our marvelous days loving and laughing with each other. The year before was even worse when most of friends "couldn't" come to the birthday party I had spent time putting together and the horrible ex had stopped calling me forever, after a year, just days before our plans to celebrate my birthday.

Of course this year I've planned another fun evening the weekend after my birthday, and of course majority of people "can't" come. I am sad and disappointed...but decided well before even having it that I didn't care who did or did not come. My brother and I were going to go out for sure and if everyone else wanted to come they would. I wanted to get dressed up, get drunk, and dance. And dammit, I'm going to! However, with my real birthday being 2 days away and having NO plans all week besides with my family the day's feeling a little lackluster again. So I've been treating myself instead and I must's been rather lovely.

How to Celebrate Your Birthday Week

  • Get your favorite tacos for taco tuesday, while waiting peruse a favorite shop
  • Make your friend come get a drink and dinner with you one night. Order a hamburger and beer with all the fixings and don't feel guilty about it. I haven't done that in YEARS. 
  • Go to bed super early one night. It was so worth it. 
  • Walk to your favorite cafe from the train after work, order your favorite tea, croissant, just sit there and read. Sigh. 

Tomorrow I am going to see if someone wants to get a drink and ring in midnight with me, Saturday- the actual birthday- Rachel is coming over to pool and drink, dinner at a fun Russian restaurant with the family, and then book club on Sunday. I must say, it's ended up being quite a lovely week after all. Makes me want to do nice and fun things for myself more often! However, not food related. 8 weeks until I see Mr. Boyfriend (can you believe it?!) time to get myself in gear. I've been half assing it for months now. 

So I suppose the lesson we've learned yet again is being an awesome independent woman is more AWESOME than we always think it will be. 

(in light of this I've decided to make a "schedule" for myself! Mondays are errands, Tuesdays are drinks and dinner with Annie, Wednesdays are my girly appointments, Thursdays are cafe and writing night! Right?! I feel so organized and adult-like. Weird.)

I am missing my man. He sent me the fancy Miss Dior perfume I wanted. It's not the same without someone holding you close the morning of and whispering "happy birthday baby" in your ear. Oh well, this will be the last birthday I have without him. We have the rest of our lives.
(Unless he gets deployed...but I like to pretend thats never whatever.)