Friday, October 05, 2012

Another Reason To Skip Sleep- Selah Sue

I don't know if this girl could be any cooler. Part Adele, part Rastafarian, part Erykah Badu...and SO young! She's from Belgium and on this new release, even has a song recorded with our boy Cee Loo Green. I have a feeling this lovely lady is going to make quite a scene with ehr unique style. Pretty easy listening...something I'd like to get on vinyl and have playing in the background while I make dinner or am relaxing after work.

Favorites Include:

  • This World
  • Raggamuffin
  • Please (the duet with Cee Lo!)
  • Mommy

Check out our "Another Reason to Skip Sleep" spotify link! I'll be putting all of my favorites in there each week for easy listening. 

Te gusta?



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