Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Eyebrows. Good Times.

Don't get me wrong, I love plucking my eyebrows as much as the next girl. Every morning I have my little routine... Saturday I spend as long as I want and relish every minute. I don't wax mine because it makes my skin angry, but I know those ladies usually swear by eyebrow pencils between waxes. However, I still LOVE my new eye brow pencil and I will tell you why for the following reasons!!

1. Don't have to pluck everyday anymore. Saves me like 10-15 minutes every morning!

2. The look is much more dramatic and I can totally see a difference in how it shows off my features.

3. It takes maybe 5 seconds?

4. Apparently you can do these up more dramatically for special occasions or nights out. Haven't mastered this yet.

All in all, kind of obsessed with my eye brow pencil and encourage you to have your nearest make up counter fit you for one.

(PS this is not part of the lazy day weekend make up routine!)

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