Thursday, October 04, 2012

Birthday Week Treats.

Over the last few years I've learned not to get too hyped up about my birthday anymore. Especially last year where the big gala ended up turning out like just another night with dramatic semi-friends practically ignoring me all night. The only good thing was when (now) Mr. Boyfriend and I spent our marvelous days loving and laughing with each other. The year before was even worse when most of friends "couldn't" come to the birthday party I had spent time putting together and the horrible ex had stopped calling me forever, after a year, just days before our plans to celebrate my birthday.

Of course this year I've planned another fun evening the weekend after my birthday, and of course majority of people "can't" come. I am sad and disappointed...but decided well before even having it that I didn't care who did or did not come. My brother and I were going to go out for sure and if everyone else wanted to come they would. I wanted to get dressed up, get drunk, and dance. And dammit, I'm going to! However, with my real birthday being 2 days away and having NO plans all week besides with my family the day's feeling a little lackluster again. So I've been treating myself instead and I must's been rather lovely.

How to Celebrate Your Birthday Week

  • Get your favorite tacos for taco tuesday, while waiting peruse a favorite shop
  • Make your friend come get a drink and dinner with you one night. Order a hamburger and beer with all the fixings and don't feel guilty about it. I haven't done that in YEARS. 
  • Go to bed super early one night. It was so worth it. 
  • Walk to your favorite cafe from the train after work, order your favorite tea, croissant, just sit there and read. Sigh. 

Tomorrow I am going to see if someone wants to get a drink and ring in midnight with me, Saturday- the actual birthday- Rachel is coming over to pool and drink, dinner at a fun Russian restaurant with the family, and then book club on Sunday. I must say, it's ended up being quite a lovely week after all. Makes me want to do nice and fun things for myself more often! However, not food related. 8 weeks until I see Mr. Boyfriend (can you believe it?!) time to get myself in gear. I've been half assing it for months now. 

So I suppose the lesson we've learned yet again is being an awesome independent woman is more AWESOME than we always think it will be. 

(in light of this I've decided to make a "schedule" for myself! Mondays are errands, Tuesdays are drinks and dinner with Annie, Wednesdays are my girly appointments, Thursdays are cafe and writing night! Right?! I feel so organized and adult-like. Weird.)

I am missing my man. He sent me the fancy Miss Dior perfume I wanted. It's not the same without someone holding you close the morning of and whispering "happy birthday baby" in your ear. Oh well, this will be the last birthday I have without him. We have the rest of our lives.
(Unless he gets deployed...but I like to pretend thats never whatever.)



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