About Me.

I'm 27. I live in Southern California. 
I am a world traveler and lover of things. 
So this is a collection of things I love 
and my attempts at a love life. 
I finally found love and it's not what I expected, 
its rather a grand adventure really. 


Harper Lane 

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Ok fine here's more about me. I began writing back in early college when my biggest woes were a difficult teaching degree program and not having any men pay attention to me. Time went on, figured out reasons why men were maybe not interested in me (see: How to Get Boys to Like You.), got my shit together and went on some online dates. Ridiculousness ensued. Broken hearts. Moved to Slovakia to teach and get over said broken heart. Had a blast and learned some lessons. Met the love of my life while we were both working (and partying) there and now our romance and life have just continued to unfold across the world and these posts. Plus I just love things. Music, art, design, making things, attempting to cook or bake, babies...although I technically don't have any yet...and love. I just love love.