Monday, September 03, 2012

How To Get Boys To Like You- Be Attractive.

Yeah I know.

It's ridiculous I even have to write this. But, alas- here we are.

I am continuing to come across women who just don't understand why they can't get a boyfriend, dates, positive male attention, have a man stick around for longer then a few weeks, etc.

After being around the block a little, and seeing how crazy and complicated women make this. I would like to venture some suggestions, the first of many.

1. Be Attractive

This is about as casual as I get.
Just leggings, a top, and some flats.
Pretty nbd.
First lets cover the basics, I understand not all of this is intuitive for some women for various reasons. But being attractive doesn't mean you always need to looking like you walked out of the pages of a magazine- but at least attempting to come close helps. A basic list:

  • Shower every morning so you don't smell like sweat and ass.
  • Showering before a date or interacting with men.  
  • Wear some make up when you leave the house. (see below for simple practical tips)
  •  THROW AWAY your ugly and old stuff. Seriously, take it to good will and go shopping. Try to wear cute and feminine clothes. 
  • Shave. Did you know you can train your hair to not grow as fast? I only shave my legs 2x a week in the summer and its totally fine!
  • Do your hair. You can also train your hair to not get greasy after a day, I only wash mine 2x/week but it looks nice everyday.
  • Take care of your nails. They don't have to be fancy, but I spend $40/month to go twice a month and get them done so they always look nice. I figure it into my budget and its important to me because I am taking care of myself and it's an after work appointment thats not a horrible errand or cleaning or something. Just for me. 
Seems pretty simple, but you can't be lazy and have to make some effort everyday. My few things I always have that make me look "together" and feel confident no matter what I'm wearing are diamond earrings (faux $12 ones from Target, seriously), I always have my nails done, and I don't wear sweats or pajama type clothes out of the house. Replace your relaxing weekend sweat suit with actual presentable options like leggings and cute tops or comfy dresses and sandals. I own ONE zip up hoodie I ONLY wear around the house when its cold. Why? Because you never know who you are going to meet and when. I have men flirting with me all the time everywhere I go, if I wanted to- one thing could lead to another and those could be dates. And of course someday when you have been together awhile you can start to relax a little if you want to (men do this weird thing where they think you are BEAUTIFUL all the time...its super weird), but until then the goal is to attract. So do it!

I know if you are not feminine it makes it intimidating to try and learn all the make up tricks, what to wear, etc. But start slow, and heres some tips:

  • Visit an Ulta or make up counter and they'll give you a head start. I don't wear a ton of make up but what I do wear- makes a difference. Something simple you can do quickly every morning and a few extras for nights out and special occasions. I buy good products that last me a long time and don't hurt my skin, but start small if you have to. Youtube videos are also a free resource on how to apply. 
  • Visit a hair salon and have the stylist work some magic, buy and learn how to use the products they did. Continue buying and using them!! THIS IS KEY. DONT BE LAZY! But this is also coming from a girl who dyes her hair at home to save money, and only washes it two times a week to save money on products/dye and I know how to style it so it still looks good. If you get up a little earlier 2x/week and do a good job on your hair, it'll last a few days!
  • I am not skinny. I have an hour glass figure and am short. I scrape the bottom of the barrel to spend money on clothes. And yet, I have a pretty decent wardrobe and know my body/what will and will not fit me in stores so shopping is quick and painless. Read some fashion blogs. Figure out your body shape and which stores cater to it. Just because a store carries something in your size doesn't mean it'll look good. Same for whats "in fashion", might not look good on your body and thats ok. If you have NO clue then just visit a store you like and have an associate help you- its what they do.
  • Treat yourself well. Eat healthy most days. Exercise a few of those days. Being healthy and caring about yourself is very attractive. 
I might add some links to tips on this eventually, but for now get up a little earlier. Make an effort. Don't be lazy. THEN tell me boys aren't talking to you and we'll address the second installment coming soon!



PS I am not perfect. I am not judging. I just felt like women maybe didn't realize that step ONE is looking and feeling amazing all the time so wonderful men can be attracted to you. The proof that being attractive works?


Why did I ever feel like this was appropriate? 
Why did I ever wonder why I couldn't get dates or boyfriends?


Still not skinny. Still not expensive. STILL SO MUCH BETTER.
Guess who had more dates then she could handle and got an amazing almost-fiance out of it?

Being attractive. Works. 

How To Get Boys To Like You- Be Attractive (this one!)

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