Saturday, September 22, 2012

We're Waiting For You.

I have been missing our sweet little buddy. It was his second birthday last week. We can't wait to be with him for keeps and never miss another birthday.

To Our Little Cake,
I am sorry we missed your sweet little birthday. I saw the few pictures of your Mickey Mouse cake and pinata- it looked like a nice little party in the park and nana and papa said you had a fun time. I saw that you didn't want to get off of papa's lap and I hope it's because he reminds you of your daddy and their warm home. It's hard for your daddy to not be with you. I know it makes him very very sad, but he tries really hard for you to know him by calling all the time and sending you all the gifts we can. We picked out your birthday present together and were so glad to hear you liked it!! I can't wait to play with it with you at nana and papas house. Then we can pack it up in the truck and move you and daddy out here to live where I am from so we can be a little family! We are so excited!!! I am finding a lot of fun things we can do together when you are here with us. Library, Disneyland, the beach, aquarium, movies and music outside, picnics, the zoo, all kinds of things! I feel lonely without my boys with me. Daddy and I didn't want to leave you in Mississippi, but it's only for a little while longer. We talk about you all the time. You like to tell Daddy about "spongebob" and everything you are doing at daycare. Your hair is longer now and even curlier and makes us laugh. You've gotten taller and bigger just since we saw you in June and it makes us a little sad because we feel like we are missing everything.

My Boys.

I know it will be strange to be with your momma there and then come live with us here...but it is going to be better. Your momma loves you, but adults make things complicated. Whatever happens- remember we love you too and can't wait to get to have you with us. I know I will never be your "real" mommy, but I sure do love you as much. And I hope someday you will too.

Right now I am looking at places where we can live and finding fun things for your new bedroom. We were thinking of doing it with airplanes because your Daddy works on planes and loves them and your papa flies them! I am trying to find a place where Daddy and I can walk you to the beach to play on the weekends...I also secretly want to take Friday's off work so we can play together...something I am working on but don't tell Daddy yet.

This is how little you were when we last saw you in June-
I can already see you've gotten bigger little buddy!
We can't wait to see you baby bear- just 9 more weeks until your Daddy gets there and then I will feel much calmer knowing both my loves are together again! And I don't think Daddy would even be able to write down how EXCITED he is to finally have you.

See you soon baby bear, we love you!!

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