Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rough & Ready.

I suppose it's been a rough week.

I kept almost crying all the time and could NOT figure out why when I realized...

Well your great aunt died. The embassies are being attacked in the middle east and your boyfriend works as a MARINE at one in South America. Your phone died and when you bought a new temporary one it also died so now you have no phone to talk to said boyfriend. And to top it all off its hormonal girl week to boot. 

No wonder you are so fussy.

Finally broke down and poured myself a tall gin and tonic this evening.

Been letting myself have naps and even 2 diet cokes this week.

BUT we are getting excited for our fun Christmas plans as we prepare for my love to come HERE in only 11 weeks!! Right now the plan is for him to go home and see the baby bear and get the full custody papers and such in swing, come see me here the next week while we BANG and secure an apartment, then he'll go back to his family for 2 weeks for Christmas and I'll go out there the day after Christmas for a day or so before we all pile in his truck and drive to socal stopping in Phoenix along the way for new years and to visit his brother. Our first family trip! Of course we couldn't resist staying a few days in the hotel we stayed at when he came to visit me last year...and The Peabody in Memphis for my first night there like we did in June...we are such old romantics. I don't know what we are more excited about, getting to BANG after 6 months or just being next to each other. Even something as simple as getting to sleep in bed and wake up next to each other is SUCH a sweet precious thing to us.

So there are so many adventures to be had. I will taking a road trip from the deep south with a 2 year old and my long distance boyfriend to move into our apartment here together. And I am no longer worried about how we will get along or manage or whatever, just SO HAPPY! And...minorly stressed out about the logistics of everything...mostly having to do with money for it all and custody. We are both saving like crazy but my medical stuff was expensive. Getting custody will be expensive. Flights, hotels, gas, snacks and activities for my new 2 year old (eeee!!!)...all costs money. I suppose worrying about it now doesn't help anything. Constantly trying to learn that lesson of living in the present....



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