Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Last of my Life + BIG news!

Last Day of my Life:

WELL. this is it. my last day of freedom.
I cant believe the summer is over already! it seems like I was just whining about how bored I am...summer over.

Tomorrow I have a BUSY day too. The beginning of a very busy week, which will reflect my life from here on out. BUT its my last official semester as an undergraduate!!! So, really...its like my last FIRST day of school?! yay!

but not really since teachers have first days all the time and ill be getting my masters eventually and will have to do this all over again, bleh. but having this long worked for, cried over, hateful, exhaustive BA done will feel SO great! and then its just fun student teaching (and by fun, I of course me equally exhaustive) for the spring semester and I'm PEACING OUT!!!

so today im trying to get everything done before my live is over. Cleaning out my car (this is a big deal for me, as you should well know), hanging up forgotten pictures, cleaning out corners, cleaning my bed sheets, spa day, errands, cooking for the week, everything I know I wont have the energy for ever again. sad.

unfortunately its so dang hot I can only do a little at a time before I start literally DRIPPING with sweat. I prefer to just look at the projects that need to get done while sitting in front of my fan.

well, Ive tried to tell everyone whose really close to me before I posted it online, and I think I've pretty much succeeded, so here goes for everyone else--- I have applied for Teach for America (through Americorp) to teach in the inner city of NYC (hopefully). I made it through the first application, and I'm on to the phone interview now at the end of September. Then its on to an in person interview in October, then I find out a few months down the road if and where I will be placed. soooo yeah. CRAZY right. Its a 2 year program, I get paid decently, and I get to pay back my loans and work on my masters degree for free! YAY! so thats pretty exciting. a little scary, but in a good way. so, im sure Ill gush more on everything later, but for now I have to focus on the task ahead of finishing the year strong.

I miss Disneyland.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I forgot

Forgot to add this to the Disneyland pictures of me and Kels. This is a good one from this year!(me. naked. obviously.)

Had a nice time with friends this week. But am really tired and spent the day napping and catching up on my shows (yay!). I did venture out to take alex to the airport this morning and later to get a vegan burrito from Ricos. Otherwise, nada. it was awesome. tomorrow i got meet my teacher for my student teaching this semester. Im excited, its a 5th grade class which ive done before but this will be more intensive. and 5th graders have grown on me a lot since then which is why I chose 5th, yay! haha watching Kathy Griffen stand up...shes so funny making fun of Hollywood. love it.

There was a cake episode this week.
Check it out on my other blog:
it was a doozy.

I think I might have a crush on a boy! which is always fun. oh to be young again...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Too tired from too much fun!

Yesterday and today were crazy! Short version: Cleaned the house and had family come on Saturday. Drove down to Micahs late to spend the night and ended up going out for drinks and dancing with her and her lovely friend boy Alex (so fun!). Woke up at 6am (oh, life with room mates;) then Picked up lady alex (friend from DTS) this morning and spent the day with her, micah, me, and cammie. Got breakfast, coffee at cammies hotel, walked around Cornado, the Hotel Del, and along the beach. Napped and ate burritos then came home with Alex. Got everything together here for her and myself after having family stay in my room. Sat and watched Friends and tried not to fall asleep while eating snacks. Had family friends here the entire time but was too tired to interact with them.

my eyes hurt from exhaustion. my feet hurt from not wearing proper shoes for walking all day. my head hurts from lack of sleep and too much fun. time for bed!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Other Possible Men to Marry

I would also be open to marrying any of the following gentlemen:

(the boys of Mewithoutyou)

(the boys of Fleet Foxes)

(Glen Hansard of Swell Season)

Now, whos gonna make this happen?

Why cant I meet anyone?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kelsey and Esthers Disney Adventures Through the Years

Kelsey and I decided to take a look at ourselves from the past few times we've gone to Disneyland. I can now rightly say, things have only gotten better.

Traditional Tram Pictures:

Autumn 2007

Christmas 2007

Summer 2008

Summer 2009

Front of the park full body shots:
(there are only two because we dont like asking people to take our pictures.)

Christmas 2007

Summer 2009

What Have I Been Doing, you ask?

I had such a great weekend! Me and Kelsey spent Sunday going to her church, eating delicious vegan food at the Veggie Grill, shopping at the giant Forever 21, and then the evening at Disneyland! I was so exhausted afterwards, but poor Kelsey had to go to work the next day, must have been rough!

Unfortunately on Monday I wasnt feeling very well (lack of sleep and an allergy attack) so I drove home from Kelseys and then just passed out with the doggies for a few hours before Jordan and Annie came by for a visit. Then me and Jordan went to the market because i haven't gone for 2 weeks and was tired of eating chips and guacamole for lunch everyday, ha.

Lately I have been watching Dexter season 1 (as inspired by Cassie actually), just finished last night! LOVE it so much! The plot was so developed, normally I can always figure out who and why the bad guys are on those kinds of shows, but not this one! and I love the depth and deep questions Dexter makes the viewers ponder. I find myself thinking a lot while watching, which means its definitely a good show. I finished it though, so its time for a break. While I was going to bed I couldnt get the image of blood out of my head so I knew it was time to quit for awhile. I have Mad Men season 1 on the way, we'll see how that goes. But instant watching is so much easier!!!

Bella is doing better. Her little feet are looking a teeny tiny bit better, but I most notice her personality is back! Shes perky and sweet again, even though she still cant really walk. Its nice to have her back after months of her being so tired and sad ALL the time. Hopefully we're now on a good path to getting her better.

one of my friends and I decided that if neither of us still has a man at 40, then we will get pregnant at the same time (hello sperm bank) and have babies anyway! We also decided that we would like to live in a duplex so we could have our own space, but still have fun with our babies together. we were SO excited! And it made both of us so hopeful for the future. Being SO single is rough. And by SO single I mean, not even a date in the last...I dont even want to say. But at the same time, I love being an independent young woman. I know I dont really want to be married right now either, although a bf would be nice, but whatever. I can do whatever I want. I can go wherever I want. I can sit all afternoon in bed with my dogs and watch Dexter and bake pies and no one can stop me! It was such a freeing concept when I realized I dont NEED a man. I have amazing girl friends and a promising future once school is over. I have done so much that I am able to figure out any situation without the help of a male counterpart. Im not saying it wouldnt be NICE to have a lovely boy around. And I think we were made to fit nicely with a male partner, but i still dont NEED them. I am perfectly able to take care of myself, thank you. And when I feel alone, I have about 10 girl friends and some rents who can tend to me, thanks. That being said, Im not lowering my standards just because I hate sleeping alone. So Mr. i-dont-have-a-job-and-live-at-home-cause-im-lazy guys who somehow find me at every bar or party, you can turn yourself right around. Im not that desperate.

I think I have been watching too much Sex and the City. or Hes Just Not That Into You. haha.

On todays agenda: walk Worms. buy Bella more fancy dog food in Del Mar. Buy vegan chocolate chips for my pie. Bake pie. Pick up room. Watch something lovely. probably nap.

This is my life now.

But PS, this is my last week of enjoyment! Next week I have friends in town, start my teaching internship, and work. then I start school the 31st! sad times. Im trying to enjoy every last second of my "boredom" as possible!!!

Man this ended up being long. enjoy!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This Weeks Vegan Menu: for your enjoyment

This is my life now:
I just made roasted veggies with tofu for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.

Also on the menu this week are:

-Vegan burritos: Ezekial WW tortillas, vegan canned refried beans, brown rice, avacado/guacamole, and salsa. ive been craving burritos like crazy and im so excited!

-Rice & Bean Salad: A really fresh sounding mix of yummy beans, tomatoes, peppers, corn, avacado, and spices. I think im most excited because it requires NO cooking, just a bunch of chopping and throwing together. yay for summer salads!

-Yummy Rice: This is gonna be another huge mix of veggies, tofu, a little rice, and spices. Supposedly it makes a huge amount, so im excited to have lots of extras.


Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie!!!
The cookbook says is supposed to be amazing, since its also known as "orgasm in the mouth" pie.

Sooooo whos coming over for dinner?!

yes, this is my life now. I hang out with my dogs, cook, do crafts, bake alcohol pies, watch reruns and old movies on TV, and clean.

its official, i am grandma Esther.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh the joy of having doggies

This morning Lola (Worms) slept in until 9am, which was very exciting. Until i got downstairs to get them out of their house and it smelled so bad I thought to myself, "oh man, we need to wash their blankets! gross!"

however, when I unfurled the sheet we have over their house, and let Worms out. The evidence of poop EVERYWHERE was overwhelming. And heres Worms jumping all over me with poop all over her feet and getting it all over the carpet. Literally, poop paw prints all over the carpet on outside of their house. and then theres Bella. Poor sicky Bella. All curled up away from the diharria all over the blanket. Kinda brown in patches. all upset and embarrassed. so I made worms go outside since she was all crazy getting poop prints everywhere. and i got sad Bella out and washed the blanket and her poopy socks.

Then it was time to wash the girls. Bella was so upset she seemed actually excited to have a bath. and Worms wasnt as bad as Bella so she was ok. Then they were all happy and running around the house all clean and perky.

however, for this Momma it wasnt the best way to wake up.

im a good momma.


Friday, August 07, 2009

Why does he have to be married with 4 children?!

Oh Sam Beam, I just heart you.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Baking a Pie Day!

Well today was a good day. Busy, but lovely!

This morning I had a little laser appt. and then went to the market for the week. I love the market, all the nice boys ask me if I need any help like 5 million times, its fun. Then I came home and ate the veggie sandwich i got along while shopping. By then I was tired (naturally) and Bella wanted to snuggle and nap with me, so we did. Shes not much of a snuggler, but since shes been sick and so tired and sad, shes been extra snuggly. After our little nap, I cleaned the disgusting kitchen and then decided to bake my long awaited vegan apple pie.

I made a lovely oatmeal crust and then started on the Apple filling part. Unfortunately, i didnt read the directions and just started dumping everything together. Apparently you dont do that with apple pie. Apparently you have to cook all these things separately and then put it, its a lot of work. and thats an understatement. After I made the crust, i had to peel and core and cut the apples. then cook the apples and raisins together in water, then add things to them but I ran out of syrup so I had to use honey (not technically "vegan", but it is to me), then seperately sauté some of the leftover apple water and corn starch, then mush it all together and bake it. Then I had so much leftover filling, I had to have Annie run some oatmeal over to me so I could make another pie! We managed to almost finish the first pie tonight, between my family and Annie and Jordan too. I was SERIOUSLY surprised that it turned out so yummy! Last minute I found some random sugar free syrup in the fridge and added a bunch to it because it wasnt tasting sweet enough. Everyone liked it! yay me!

Today my mom asked if i wanted to stop by her work. my response, "oh i dont think i can, i have to go to the market, then bake and pie, then weight watchers. basically im turning into a grandma."

so true. so true.

BUT a grandma that can bake vegan pies (with honey)! yay me!

Also, today I found out that Olivia is having a BOY! SO exciting! I cant wait to go shopping! Now I can start putting a real face and name to the little love bug. Hes going to be so fun!

Lets see, tomorrow Im going to maybe get my car washed (inside and out! i know your so proud) and then hang out with Alyssa and her friend, now my friend, Emma. I should probably find some time to craft too, i just bought a new glue gun so I can start my bows. yay!

also, new glasses too! so fun!