Sunday, August 23, 2009

Too tired from too much fun!

Yesterday and today were crazy! Short version: Cleaned the house and had family come on Saturday. Drove down to Micahs late to spend the night and ended up going out for drinks and dancing with her and her lovely friend boy Alex (so fun!). Woke up at 6am (oh, life with room mates;) then Picked up lady alex (friend from DTS) this morning and spent the day with her, micah, me, and cammie. Got breakfast, coffee at cammies hotel, walked around Cornado, the Hotel Del, and along the beach. Napped and ate burritos then came home with Alex. Got everything together here for her and myself after having family stay in my room. Sat and watched Friends and tried not to fall asleep while eating snacks. Had family friends here the entire time but was too tired to interact with them.

my eyes hurt from exhaustion. my feet hurt from not wearing proper shoes for walking all day. my head hurts from lack of sleep and too much fun. time for bed!


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