Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh the joy of having doggies

This morning Lola (Worms) slept in until 9am, which was very exciting. Until i got downstairs to get them out of their house and it smelled so bad I thought to myself, "oh man, we need to wash their blankets! gross!"

however, when I unfurled the sheet we have over their house, and let Worms out. The evidence of poop EVERYWHERE was overwhelming. And heres Worms jumping all over me with poop all over her feet and getting it all over the carpet. Literally, poop paw prints all over the carpet on outside of their house. and then theres Bella. Poor sicky Bella. All curled up away from the diharria all over the blanket. Kinda brown in patches. all upset and embarrassed. so I made worms go outside since she was all crazy getting poop prints everywhere. and i got sad Bella out and washed the blanket and her poopy socks.

Then it was time to wash the girls. Bella was so upset she seemed actually excited to have a bath. and Worms wasnt as bad as Bella so she was ok. Then they were all happy and running around the house all clean and perky.

however, for this Momma it wasnt the best way to wake up.

im a good momma.


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