Sunday, September 30, 2007

the obvious adventures with kelsey, annie, and mr sticky

well, yesterday was another typical day with kelsey and annie.

we were going to go to the mall, but of course kelsey made like 50 stops before we could actually get there and annie was hung over drinking a gigantic bottle of water in the backseat. we finally made it to the mall and realized we were in the GHETTO. not to say that im better then anyone else, but their were large ginormous families with parents who were ignoring their crying and looked to be about 18 years old themselves, some really interesting outfits on some of the locals, and bumpin in the parking lot while i saw some people i think dealing drugs...pretttty sweet. we tried to go to the pet store but the stench of poop was so overwhelming we decided to go to sears instead...which wasnt much better. while at sears not finding anything, we heard on the loudspeaker that sears was giving away a free gift to the first come first serve people who followed the flashing blue light in the tools department. of course we dropped what we were doing and followed the light and the crowd of people clamoring for their free gift. the free gift, we were told, was worth about 5-7$, and used in hollywood, and used by all different kinds of professions. it was a glasses cleaner wipe. yep. just one. i reminded myself that one can purchase those 3 for 1$ at ones local 99cent store and hoped we got a sweeter free gift after the little presentation. the presentation was for the glorious "mr sticky" (as seen on tv) who picks up anything and everything and has a lifetime guarantee! our "free gift" was that if we bought the regular size mr sticky, we got a junior mr sticky, and a jumbo mr sticky for free!!! it was a limited time offer only good for today and all for only 25$ !

obviously we then left with our glasses cleaner wipe and ran out the door before annie could buy me it for my birthday.

then we came home and took a nap and i got yelled at for having a long voicemail. then me and annie watched a lame movie and waited for our friends who never came. then they came. then annie left. then kelsey left. then me and cassie went to bed with bella and lola.

now im procrastinating doing my homework cause im really tired and even tho i dont have a lot to do...i just cant bring myself to do it.

another week.

BUT its my birthday week! and saturday is going to be THE BEST!!!

ur so jealous!


(BTW i just looked online and all three mr sticky components normally come for 24$, her deal was even more of a crock.)

Monday, September 24, 2007


all i do is homeworkkkkkkkkk

but its almost my birthday!
but i dont wanna plan anythinggggg

on saturday i went to a dinner party at micah and tamaras house with the freshly married speelmans. that was fun.

iron and wine are coming in November. so is Of Montreal. im EXCITED! to say the least.

i wanna see paris je tamie, the darjeeling limited, stardust, and hairspray really really badly. so much its painful that i havent seen them yet. i love movies.

i have a lot of weekend adventures i wanna take and have been invited to do. i just dont have the time:( i only have saturdays off and could leave the earliest on a friday afternoon and return saturday evening...which sucks.

lets see...
-gotta go play with kelsey again at disneyland cause its SO fun
-gotta go visit kathleen at USC and watch arrested dev and laugh forever
-gotta go with micah up to LA to play with jaime and do fun LA things
-gotta take a long weekend and go play with Olivia and Yuna in Oregon
-co-leading the high school girls conference at Hume the first weekend in November

and really, by friday im so exhausted i can hardly even move after a week chalk full of 12 hour days. and i can hardly afford gas and random meals out as it is, i cant imagine affording much more at this point.

i think my priority is to go visit Olivia. i miss her a lot and if they cant make it for christmas then i dont know what ill do...its hardly been a month and i just really miss her. i loved it when we were both going to community college and i would always come to her house and study and watch tv with her in the evening and we'd talk about our future cutsy apartment we wanted. and i wanna see her sweet newlywed apartment and see where she lives and maybe even make it to seattle and see Yuna too.

tomorrow at work i guarantee ill be filing for like 3 hours as soon as i get there. the pile was HUGE on thursday when i left and i cant imagine it now. yikes. woohoo

wish me luck with my crazy life.

Monday, September 17, 2007


last night i went to north coast calvary, and i was so overwhelmed by the amazing message and special visitors they had that night.

i realized that for a long time ive secretly had the view in the back of my head that "im a really good person, i kinda deserved Gods grace" in came out in my mind that i believed that i had made the good choice to follow God...when in reality, God came after me. 100% God, and 0% me. somehow i thought i was a good one, and that people who dont choose God are "bad ones"

this is such crap.
and its not like ive ever heard this message before. its just that, i never realized how much it applied to me before.

why do i think i deserve Gods grace more then the convicts in prison? why do i condemn them to a life in jail, either physically or mentally, and write it off that they deserve it.

let us embrace the lost, whether they're in a 3rd world country, or down in the local prison. Lord, dont let me forget this undeserved grace YOU lavish upon me. help me to lavish it on EVERYONE else, including those i used to view as "unworthy"--no matter how i rationalized it or switched up the words in my head to make it sound better, your grace is big enough for everyone.


i was also inspired to think more about how im going to change the world. im praying about teaching at risk kids or in an inner city (or a mix of both, obviously.) the problem isnt if i want to teach those kinds of kids or not, its if i can manage not living in an unsafe place for my family but also not being hypocritical by working somewhere then living somewhere else cause its not "good enough for me", or whatever. im thinking Vista could be a good in between because i wanted to live in the shadowridge area anyway, and then i could teach in one of the low income schools in the area...all my moms teacher friends all live in vista too and already want me to teach at their schools...hehe. but now im wondering if i should get a certificate for bilingual education or whatever. so its something ive been thinking about for awhile, but didnt want to commit to because of all of the above issues. but God is speaking to me about this, i guess the logistics can be worked out later.

in other news: i wish i had time for fun, all i do is school and work. i just want to do one or the other, but at the same time its nice to switch it up with work and to have extra money...but itd also be nice to have time for a life.

dinner time.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

exhausted. done. dead. sleeping.

this week has been RIDICULOUS.
non stop everyday of the week.
hardly getting enough sleep.
hardly any breaks.

but, tomorrows friday and thats exciting.
i arranged my schedule so that friday and saturday i have off, and sunday i have churches and homework...but now i have to put in observation hours at elementary schools around the area for my class, so i had to give up my fridays. now i just get saturdays...but fridays i always ended up doing errands anyway so it does suck, but whatever. i get to play with 3rd graders AND mrs stubstad and its gonna be so fun!

its my birthday soon.
im kinda excited and kinda not.

im so tired and stressed out, i feel like im just running all the time from one thing to the next. im living off of caffeine and coffee and prayer. my neck is all sore and screwy cause of stress and to little sleep. i have nothing im looking forward to besides my birthday which im not excited about yet cause i don have money to do what i want to do. i wanna plan a trip or something for the winter because otherwise im gonna drown.

finally im going to bed.
good night moon.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

sometimes tv

i am ridiculous.

ive been watching old americas next top model and degrassi episodes for 2 weeks now.

me and kelsey went to disneyland today!
kelsey stayed out way to late last night, so when i arrived early as requested (11am), she greeted me in pajamas eating cheerios. so i read a mom magazine while she got ready, then we had to go to cosco, then we had to go to CPK for lunch, THEN we made it to disneyland! it took forever. after we crammed ourselves into one sled on the matterhorn, and i won the buzz lightyear game, we finished all the fun thing we wanted to do by 8pm we had done everything we wanted to, so we had time to eat a chipwich and people watch. its fun to pick out the people not from these parts...we saw many a lesbian, fanny pack, tank tops, spandex on large women, screaming children, strollers, couples that made us depressed, ect. all in all it was a good day.

Friday, September 07, 2007

EMARIE Consulting

thats my new business. i went to the san diego court place and registered it. next weekend im going to open a business checking account, and submit it to the newspaper (its part of the process, weird huh.), and then i think ill get an email address and business cards. im so legit now.

i got fingerprinted today for work too, and their were two crazy people there and it was funny to hear them talking about their ridiculous lives.

finally! after all this waiting me and Kelsey are going to disneyland! annnd i get to see her new house! annnnd i get to spend time with my lovely friend kelsey. annnnd mickey of course. and ride the new nemo ride?! yayyyyyy

speaking of which, i need to plan my birthday. october 6th. i wanna have/have thrown for me and party again with all my local friends...and of course go to dland with the girls.

playing with micah! ok byebye!


work was average. im still getting used to being an assistant and having all different kinds of tasks, rather then just having my set work to do and doing it...i really like learning new things, but then i get tired of it and just wish i knew how to do everything already cause i like to be excellent at what i do...and u cant do that when u dont know what ur doing!

tomorrow i get fingerprinted! its for work, woot.

in my art class i painted a sunflower.

yesterday right after i wrote that blog, my professor came and talked to us all about every single thing we need to turn in and IS stressful, but they organized it all for me and im SO glad i have my cbest done! check one off!

all i wanted to do tonight was hang out, but i got so tired after the long week and day so i just "took a nap" and then i didnt want to go out again...sorry micah. but tomorrow will be more fun, and ill have had a good nights sleep so ill feel better too.

im still thinking of joining a sorority, i have to turn in the papers on monday!

so lets see...
im an executive assistant
im joining a sorority
i starting a makeup business
i stay in on thursday nights


Wednesday, September 05, 2007


so yesterday was sooo hot, but luckily i got to spend the day in the air conditioning at new job learning learning new new things. (it was tiring and a bit frustrating, but i think im getting the hang of it). then i had art for kids class where we made color wheels and other easy things. then i said byebye to machu whos off to europe today and went home. THEN it got all cool and nice outside and i slept soooo good! i havent been sleeping well cause of the heat (and my rooms lack of air circulation due to limited fans, and of course we dont have air conditioning of any kind), and the dogs are always waking me up and being anxious about all the stuff i always have going...but i slept SO good! but of course, when you sleep good, then your super tired the next day (WHY IS THAT?!) so i just downed a coffee and ate some protien, hopefully ill wake up for my next classes today.

PS: csusm is a really sweet school. its like the nicest campus ive ever been to in my life! everythings new cause it was so recently built...i take elevators to my classes. free wifi EVERYWHERE, almost all my materials in my art class are provided, pretty hills and flowers everywhere for relaxing (i think when it gets cooler itll b nice to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine rather then curse it).

in other news, i have to do 45 hours of teaching observation for my teaching class. and nother 5 for my art class (pretty sure im gonna cross examine them, i totally just used that incorrectly but im rockin it so leave me alone). 5 hours in 5 different types of classrooms, and the rest with one teacher. i kinda wanna kill myself just thinking about it. to get into the integrated credential program entirely next semester (currently im in the prereq semester), i have to take a computer competency test, fill out a 130$ security of clearence form and get fingerprinted, get all my medical records sent to the nurse here, get tested for tb, get recommendations, ect. its only the 2nd week of school, but im already overwhelmed with everything i have to do. arrrgggg...

i wanna start now so i have it all together and not stress at the end of the semester when im trying to apply to get into the program fully and its christmas and i have finals, ect.

lately ive been feeling pretty. i think im going through a "pretty phase". you know, like how some people go through ugly/awkward phases (its true, i had one and so did/are you). hmmm...but maybe nothing dramatic changed on the outside, but maybe my insides were made beautiful and im shining out. i dunno. either way, i feel good about myself almost all the time and accept compliments and believe them. not in a selfish or vain way, just in a confident way from Jesus. either way i dont care if u think im vain, i know i am loved by one greater then you.

ok, im gonna go to science class now. its in a gigantic room that looks like a real college room and all the levels have plug ins (for this here macbook) and huge screens up front and my professor clicks his powerpoints and its really legit. thats the class where the gigantic smelly lady in the sundress and hat with her bra showing thru and rolly backpack kept talking to me. i was going to move, but luckily she couldnt crash the class and had to leave, oh happy day i can go back to not being talked to again...maybe im just to nice. maybe i draw them to myself by my seemingly i have told u and i will now tell loving esther.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


welll its over already! the wedding has come and gone and Mr. and Mrs. Lang are off to Palm Springs for their fun filled honeymoon.

the wedding went really well, it was kinda stressful and tiring to be in the bridal party (its just a long day for all of us) but it was fun to support olivia and also to be dressed up and pretty looking for her big day. the vows and ceremony were beautiful, the bride and groom cried it up and made us all cry too cause it was such a sweet and special moment for them and for everyone who got to share the time with them. i cant believe shes married! well i mean, i can...but its still crazy!

in other news, i felt pretty the entire day cause lots of friends and family kept coming up and telling me how beautiful i looked. thats always a fun time! hehe...but everyone looked lovely, especially the bride and groom!

it was sweet because after micheal and olivia left for the hotel, the entire rest of the bridal party and family stayed and helped clean up everything along with the caterers and stuff...their was lots to do left like flowers, sound equipment, i felt blessed to have a bridal party that doesnt just get drunk and leave or something (like most wedding stories ive heard of) but we were all nice fun people who were the last to leave even tho we were the most exhausted!

after the loooonngggg day of playing wedding, i had a choice. go home and sleep, OR go to tims house and party it up with good friends i dont see very often and with makeup and a dress that i look like a mamasita. so i chose the later obviously, and it was SO fricken fun. me and machu went to tims HUGE parents house in rancho and met about 20 or so other people there, including xaiver who came in town for only 2 nights for the wedding. so i finally got some champagne and got to spend some time with old fun friends and new fun friends, annnd cassie came too so it was double the fun! except like 3 of my friends pretty much hit on her which kinda sucked, but we were really cute in our wedding atire and just drew them in, what can i say? and it was nice to do something fun with her outside of...nothing. we all drank a little too much then it being safe to drive home, and we were also exhausted so it magnified being crazy so we slept over in the ginormous living room and i got home today around 930am. SO FUN. it was nice to let loose and relax after such a long wedding day, and it was all people i know at the house so i felt safe and could really just chillll...

cassie made a good point this morning as i stood outside waiting for the car in my bridesmaid/party/sleep formal dress, my professionally done up hair now slept in, and my huge sunglasses...that if i were to grab a pastery and coffee and hop on down to Tiffanys, i would pretty much be the new poster girl for Breakfast at Tiffanys. i was honored cause its my fav audrey movie. and i knew ud be jealous so i thought id post it. hehe.

i decided on weekends i want to hang out more and relax after my hectic weeks at school and work. but i dont want to just go out and drink all the time (like some of my fun friends) i wanna go to movies, plays, parties that are fun, ect...annnd maybe drink sometimes but i dont want that to be all i do all weekend every weekend.

i think ive decided i want to learn to do and do other peoples makeup. so i looked at mary kay and i feel like mary kay is for old i checked out Avon and i remembered that new part of avon they have called Mark. and it seems pretty sweet, and i like the products and its not a huge effort to start doing it in my free time with my friends and stuff. so when i get paid again in 2 weeks, im gonna get the starter kit and get started. annnd maybe i can do weddings like a hoped. anyone wanna be my partner and do hair?

ok dears, byebye.