Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Whole Week Off! What to do?!

Hooray! Summer vacation has really begun! And its a good thing too, since its probably the last one ill ever have. Im done with my summer class, Done working extra and random jobs, done with all my errands, even my summer "to do" list is almost finished. Now all thats left is random little things like some crafts, hanging a picture thing up, books to read, and i do need to get my car washed actually. But pretty much, summer is here!

I feel like when i was a kid because i just get up when I want, do whatever I want, and am kinda poor so I dont actually have a lot of options.

Lets see, Ive been filling all this weeks time with cooking and baking yummy vegan things (i love it!). Working on my Paris scrapbook, trying to finish reading LOTR (i think i need a break for something easier actually), cleaning my room, taking care of sick Bella, and planning my escapes. Im starting to get claustrophobic again here in north county/San Diego/So Cal. I just found out ill be getting financial aid again so hopefully I can get out of here sooner than later!

Im all out of sorts today, since I had things planned to do but the cleaning lady is here all up in my grill. I cant work on my scrapbook, cant really shower or get ready to go anywhere, cant bake the cupcakes I was planning to make today, cant hang the picture just all out of whack. Im not really "bored", just dont know what to do out of the options. and because Irma is here so I cant be in my space.

I have some exciting things coming up though, Kelsey is coming this weekend. Im going to visit Kathleen in LA the second weekend of August. My friend Alex comes to visit at the end of August. And im going to try and go to Disneyland as often as possible in between my black out days and school starting.

But for now, I should probably go see if shes done so I can take a shower or brush my teeth or something. jeez.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Anything new

Well things have been busy, but fun! I just love summer! Im not going to lie, the heat is starting to get on my nerves...but im just thankful for the cool nights, my little fan, my pool, and my little dresses. Saturday I failed the science part of my CSET ( i think) but i think I passed the math part. I studied a lot for it, but nothing i studied was on there. It was basically a crap shoot the entire time! Then i took a lovely nap before heading over to Kathleens for some much needed pool time with old friends. Nice and relaxing, just what I needed after that death of a test.

Then Sunday I went to Disneyland with Micah for her birthday!!! It was SO fun! I just love disneyland! And surprisingly the lines werent even that long, and we avoided most of the heat too. I have to say, the new fireworks show is AWESOME! I cant wait to go with the rest of you and watch it again and again! Next time im buying Mickey ears and am getting my name on the back...actually, i know I have some lying around somewhere, i have to find them! I want to wear them so badly!

This weekend Im working OUTSIDE of comic con. Im really sad I dont get to go to it, i have all these panals I want to go to from my fav shows, and im so bummed im missing it. but i get to hand out flyers and people watch so thats better than nothing i guess.

So Ive officially been a vegan for about 3 weeks or so now. Ive had a few sweet things that probably had milk or eggs in them, but other then that ive been rocking it! Its hard sometimes, like with the sweet things, but i just try and stick to my soy ice cream and vegan cookies i make instead. Its been to hot to cook lately though. Ive finally figured out why everyone eats salads and BBQs in the summer. I made the mistake of making cookies yesterday, i got so hot and sweaty afterwards I HAD to get in the pool. tough life i lead.

tomorrow i get to go see Harry Potter! So excited!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My paper mache fish plate from art camp!

You love it!

Good morning?

Today as I arrived to art camp to check in...

Admin lady: good morning!
Me: good morning! How r u?
Admin lady: (no response)
Me: good?
Admin lady: what?
Me: how r u? R u doing well?
Admin lady: your car sounds weird.
Me: uhh...yeah...the antenna needs oil or something...ok bye.

It was awesome.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

so many things!

I guess I havent updated in quite awhile! So sorry faithful blog readers, i know you love me. haha.

ok, there has been some serious events going on lately. ok, not really. But serious enough for me.

1) I think i broke and/or seriously sprained my middle left toe. Yes, thats right. my toe. I went to uncle dan and josis to hang out on Friday evening and was just walking normal but somehow stubbed it on the couch and it hurt SO BAD. Then I woke up and it felt even worse...but was now black and blue and swollen. awesome. So i walked on it all sore all day Saturday and Sunday and then rested and iced her. Finally yesterday (tuesday) she started to feel better. And now it doesnt hurt at all..unless I stub it again...which somehow keeps happening! And Sparky really likes to step on my feet when hes excited. so thats awesome.

I think ive mentioned that Ive been doing a kids art camp the last 2 weeks for the city of carlsbad. its been really fun, but pretty tiring. Its four hours of running around after the kids, getting together supplies, washing brushes and tubs, filing their art work, hanging up pictures, im going a little mad. I think also because im not teaching, its not as fun. My favorite part is sitting with the kids and helping them...and doing the projects of course...but its less of that and more of just prepping projects and cleaning up. I just miss teaching. but its still fun, and im learning a lot, and the kids are super fun, and sometimes i get to do the projects and thats really fun too.

Last weekend was fun. I went to uncle dan and Josis Friday evening to eat delicious food and watch 24. I got to play lots with lukey and that was super fun too. Then Saturday I had lunch with cammie and then hung out with Micah and some of her friends. We went to a party one of their friends was throwing in Tierrasanta. my goodness, it was interesting! We were the only white people really there, and it was huge party with a TON of alcohol people kept bringing and TONS of food. However, the best part was when the hosts performed a bunch of poetry along to some acoustic music. It was so amazing! I was extremely impressed at their talents. It was such an interesting group of people, to say the least. just how they even dressed, was SO different than what Im used too. We had such a nice time just watching the evening unfold. It was pretty sweet...and amusing.

On Sunday we went o have lunch at St. Tropez, which i LOVE. I have one like 15 minutes from my house, but somehow only go to the one downtown. silly. Then met my momma at Nordstrom to buy myself some new undergarments. woot.

Speaking of lunch, Ive decided that my favorite foods r lunchy European foods. I could eat panninis, soup, salads, pasta salads, caprese salad, pretty much for every meal. I really want a sandwich press. Im such a freak for panninis, I should really just invest in a press instead of always ordering them out. Even without cheese they are so delicious! hmm I wonder how vegan cheese would taste?

I miss Cassie. She officially moved to Sweden. I think about her everyday and miss her a lot. I also miss Europe. I know its only been like 6 months, but thats 6 months too long for me. Usually I miss Paris or Vienna or Berlin...but today I miss Florence. I know ive said it before, but I could totally live there. Much easier then I think Paris actually. Just logistically with the language and getting around a such, Florence is a cake walk even compared to Paris which isnt too difficult either.

Lately ive been thinking about my life one year from now. I know I dont need to make any decisions now, but i just have so many options in front of me. Where do I look for a job? Around here? downtown? abroad? What do I want to do? Where do I want to live? its going to be so crazy, my life is going to change so dramatically its overwhelming. but i just have to remember its not for an entire year.

I got glue in my hair. aww man.