Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Whole Week Off! What to do?!

Hooray! Summer vacation has really begun! And its a good thing too, since its probably the last one ill ever have. Im done with my summer class, Done working extra and random jobs, done with all my errands, even my summer "to do" list is almost finished. Now all thats left is random little things like some crafts, hanging a picture thing up, books to read, and i do need to get my car washed actually. But pretty much, summer is here!

I feel like when i was a kid because i just get up when I want, do whatever I want, and am kinda poor so I dont actually have a lot of options.

Lets see, Ive been filling all this weeks time with cooking and baking yummy vegan things (i love it!). Working on my Paris scrapbook, trying to finish reading LOTR (i think i need a break for something easier actually), cleaning my room, taking care of sick Bella, and planning my escapes. Im starting to get claustrophobic again here in north county/San Diego/So Cal. I just found out ill be getting financial aid again so hopefully I can get out of here sooner than later!

Im all out of sorts today, since I had things planned to do but the cleaning lady is here all up in my grill. I cant work on my scrapbook, cant really shower or get ready to go anywhere, cant bake the cupcakes I was planning to make today, cant hang the picture just all out of whack. Im not really "bored", just dont know what to do out of the options. and because Irma is here so I cant be in my space.

I have some exciting things coming up though, Kelsey is coming this weekend. Im going to visit Kathleen in LA the second weekend of August. My friend Alex comes to visit at the end of August. And im going to try and go to Disneyland as often as possible in between my black out days and school starting.

But for now, I should probably go see if shes done so I can take a shower or brush my teeth or something. jeez.

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