Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Anything new

Well things have been busy, but fun! I just love summer! Im not going to lie, the heat is starting to get on my nerves...but im just thankful for the cool nights, my little fan, my pool, and my little dresses. Saturday I failed the science part of my CSET ( i think) but i think I passed the math part. I studied a lot for it, but nothing i studied was on there. It was basically a crap shoot the entire time! Then i took a lovely nap before heading over to Kathleens for some much needed pool time with old friends. Nice and relaxing, just what I needed after that death of a test.

Then Sunday I went to Disneyland with Micah for her birthday!!! It was SO fun! I just love disneyland! And surprisingly the lines werent even that long, and we avoided most of the heat too. I have to say, the new fireworks show is AWESOME! I cant wait to go with the rest of you and watch it again and again! Next time im buying Mickey ears and am getting my name on the back...actually, i know I have some lying around somewhere, i have to find them! I want to wear them so badly!

This weekend Im working OUTSIDE of comic con. Im really sad I dont get to go to it, i have all these panals I want to go to from my fav shows, and im so bummed im missing it. but i get to hand out flyers and people watch so thats better than nothing i guess.

So Ive officially been a vegan for about 3 weeks or so now. Ive had a few sweet things that probably had milk or eggs in them, but other then that ive been rocking it! Its hard sometimes, like with the sweet things, but i just try and stick to my soy ice cream and vegan cookies i make instead. Its been to hot to cook lately though. Ive finally figured out why everyone eats salads and BBQs in the summer. I made the mistake of making cookies yesterday, i got so hot and sweaty afterwards I HAD to get in the pool. tough life i lead.

tomorrow i get to go see Harry Potter! So excited!

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