Saturday, May 23, 2009

Airport Events

Flying anywhere is quite the event. But it's always more fun when your
alone (for many more reasons) because strangers really like to talk to
you, and you have all this extra time to people watch. It's pretty
much THE BEST! I will take note as these events occur on here rather
than in my journal so you can share in the hilarity that ensues.

1) there were only 2 seats available in the area and me and another
normal looking girl went for them. As we were sitting down I said just
friendly, "the only two available!". She sat down, turned to me and
says in a thick southern accent, "Virgin is supposed to be the best.
And I didn't like Continental, they were rude." I stared in disbelief,
not quite sure what to say...then she added "I didn't like Delta
either". I was so taken aback I didn't quite know how to respond so I
just agreed and she turned back to what she was was weird.

2) a very cute younger girl and a very NOT cute middle aged man were
awkwardly sitting next to me. The girl got up to go get food and the
guy calls one of his friends and proceeds to tell an entire story of
how they had an awful trip and she broke up with him during the
trip...I think they were visiting her parents and he was rude or
something happened...I missed some parts because I was trying not to
laugh. He was talking about how awkward it was traveling home
together, but how she was talking a little bit to him and was working
on her book. Then she came back and he got up and excused himself so
he could finish the conversation. It was AMAZING.

3) I highly recommend flying from SD to SF on the right side of the
plane on a clear day. It just flew along the coast! It was beautiful
the entire hour ride!

4)don't worry, I was all crammed in the furthest back right window
seat but the middle and window in front of me was open so I got to sit
up there with no one in between me and the young tobacco chewing man.
So let me get this straight, I got to sit all comfy for an hour
reading my super awesome book, drinking my complimentary CAN of diet
coke, and gazing out the window at the beautiful Cali coast? Sounds
like vacation has begun!

5) there is a really cute guy on both my flights today. Too bad he's
wearing a headband.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A day at Disneyland

Things I've learned from Disneyland:
1) I will never wear a fishermans hat

2) I will never spray down my children with so much sunscreen they are
dipping white spots

3) I will never wear a black bra with a backless ugly top

4) I will never wear a finding nemo scrunchie as a grown woman

5) I will never wear bright shiney gold gladiator sandals with my pale
skin, or ever.

6) I will never come to dland pregnant or with children in need of a

7) I will never have children and I will never feel bad about my weight.

It was quite a day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Rocket Man

oh man, Im at the office today, and just groooooven to my EJ singin Rocket Man. I wish I was alone so I could just sing out loud and dance around...i guess nobodys really around...EJ can really sing it! hes pretty much awesome.

as you can tell, its early.

A few things have already happened today:
1) I woke up with bloodshot and sore eyes. this has been happening a lot lately, and all i can think to blame is the weather or allergies since im getting enough sleep, my contacts are pretty new, and I think im staying hydrated? hmm maybe thats the problem...maybe its time to start pumping the water. especially since ive been exercising so much lately. hmm. but I just love caffeine!!!

2) someone left some unmarked chocolate cakes on my desk. I immediately decided not to eat them for one single reason: they are most likely poisoned. then i realized that was silly, and changed my mind to "im on a diet". but then i went back to my poison idea, since its obviously true. someone leaves unmarked chocolate cakes on your desk? hello! its like a death threat right there!

3) i cursed the coffee machiene this morning, it was going SO SLOW to brew me my much needed cup of coffee. then i realized im crazy and addicted to coffee since it was going the normal pace as every other day. i camped out by it anyway and pounced on it as soon as it was done.

4) the weather said it was going to be really hot today. but apparently that wasnt for the coastal county, so now im freezing in this sun dress all day sitting here with the heater on. someone already came in and kinda made fun of me. awesome.

im done with school!!! yes its true! the semester has finally come to an end! im really anxious to get my grades, since the biggest percentages of our grades were final projects we dont know the grades of. but im not stressed about it, i know ive passed everything, and i did my very best, so im not worried. now im just enjoying my day "off" from doing homework...i just get to sit here at the office and read my fashion magazines and my book about another impressionist artist i love. maybe ill get to catch Fresh Air on NPR today. go for a walk during my break. you know, be a real person! i love it!

this weekend is going to be full of FUN & somewhat celebratory events. At least, they will be celebratory to me! tonight im having a mini dinner party with the Speelmans, Micah, and Cammie! a little YWAM reunion! yay! tomorrow me and momma are doing a 5K in the morning, then having a family lunch at a surprise location for mothers day! if there is time, im going to swing by my friends graduation party, but most importantly im heading up to kelseys for a night of fun before a day of disneyland on Sunday! a lovely weekend right! i feel so blessed! its like all these fun events happened upon a weekend when i needed it most!

next week im working for annie everyday while she gallivants in the pacific northwest for a fun vacation, so needless to say, expect lots of updates;)

i wanna go to a padres game SOOOOO BAD!!! i cant go for like the next 3 weeks due to too much fun, but maybe after i get back from Vegas with the girls...hmm. i just want to eat crap, drink cheap beer, and laugh with my friends outdoors while being minorly entertained by fat old men and hot young men running around after a ball, is that too much to ask?!

oh man, the song from the wedding in Old School is on the radio now...oh, this is going to be a good day!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

School moms

I have to say, sometimes the moms in our school classes are awesome.

They always bring good food, ask the questions no one else wants too,
and you can always count on them to be a good group member.

Such as today, when the weird old lady in my theatre class brought
fresh vegetables and tools to make fresh guacamole and spinich salad!
How legit is that?!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


well its been an interesting week.

I was (and am) still coming out of my fussyness as seen in the previous post. But dont worry, more fun happened.

I had a busy Tuesday planned with errands and homework and a meeting galore. when suddenly, the fridge and freezer officially decided to just stop working.

yep, just stop working.

at first I was just going to eat everything I could, as inspired by Joey from Friends. But then i just decided to cart as much as I could to the other garage fridge we have. its still kinda working, so whats left in there will hopefully not spoil completely. But since it had apparently been slowly stopping working for awhile, a bunch of my freezer food (i live off of frozen meals, thanks) had kinda thawed out and then got refrozen in the garage freezer, so its always a toss up when i cook my food these last few days.

on top of that, when i as leaving the house for my meeting, after carting all the food outside of course. my key wouldnt go in the kept getting stuck halfway. now, this has been happening for years whenever the weather changes and for some reason the rents wont replace the damn lock. so the other day i kicked it in and it worked, but when i tried to do it this time, it just broke in half. with the rest of the key still stuck in the lock. brother took a part the lock today to get it out.

so that was a fun day. but then me and annie went to Rubios for their delicious health mex mahi mahi burritos and to the dollar store and TJ Max. good purchases were made.

i have officially finished 2 classes and will finish another tomorrow! next week i have 2 papers to submit and a very difficult science final...well 2 science finals really...but dont worry, we only get credit for one class. thats been fun.

summer is so close i can TASTE it.

there are 2 things i love about wednesdays and 2 things ONLY.
1) LOST is on. what more do I need to say there?

2) after a horribly long day at school, my puppies and I all snuggle in for a little nap. When I wake up they all jump on me and snuggle and try and kiss me. I like to think its because they love me, but really its because they want dinner. but still, is the BEST.

did I tell you about the time i took them for a long walk and Bella got so tired she just crawled under a parked car (for shade) and just layed there in the dirty street? and then I had to carry her up the last hill because she just could NOT go on. shes pretty much the best dog ever.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Concernation: the act of being concerned in past tense. could also be a music festival. (yes, i just made that up)

ive been feeling really weird these last few days (no, not swine flu-te). just really mopey, tired, grumpy, lonely, fussy, and extremely bummed out on everything i engage in. this happens sometimes to everyone i suppose, it just really sucks. Ive been really trying to pray about it and continue with my normal life...but its just not going away. Its seriously like Eeyore and the black little cloud that follows him around...but im trying so hard to blow that cloud away and be content and joyful in where my life is right now...but its just so much work. ive been trying to identify the source of my depression-like issues and have come up with a few ideas: spiritual warfare, physically & emotionally tired from 3 months of hell/school, claustrophobic from being in this town too long, etc. maybe tomorrow will be better.

things here have been kinda crazy. my parents went to visit family in canada for 10 days and im house sitting. suddenly brother is here and his room mates come visit (past experiences with these room mates has proved dramatic and horrid in my life) and apparently they are all being evicted and have to move out in like 24 hours. so he and one of the room matea are on the couch when i came down this morning and their stuff is everywhere. the dogs are all stressed out and keep biting their ankles which i think is funny. and everythings a mess and its stressing me out. so much for a nice quiet week with the rents out of town.

me and my dad have discussed starting a garden in the back side yard. we have space and to make the beds would be so easy (thanks ReadyMade for the directions in my recent issue:). we could have fresh organic veggies and itd be so fun! we'll see if it works out.

im not getting school work and reading done because i keep reading my fashion magazines. its a bit of a problem. Good thing its summer in 2 weeks and I can read all the fashion magazines i want! mwahaha!