Sunday, May 03, 2009


Concernation: the act of being concerned in past tense. could also be a music festival. (yes, i just made that up)

ive been feeling really weird these last few days (no, not swine flu-te). just really mopey, tired, grumpy, lonely, fussy, and extremely bummed out on everything i engage in. this happens sometimes to everyone i suppose, it just really sucks. Ive been really trying to pray about it and continue with my normal life...but its just not going away. Its seriously like Eeyore and the black little cloud that follows him around...but im trying so hard to blow that cloud away and be content and joyful in where my life is right now...but its just so much work. ive been trying to identify the source of my depression-like issues and have come up with a few ideas: spiritual warfare, physically & emotionally tired from 3 months of hell/school, claustrophobic from being in this town too long, etc. maybe tomorrow will be better.

things here have been kinda crazy. my parents went to visit family in canada for 10 days and im house sitting. suddenly brother is here and his room mates come visit (past experiences with these room mates has proved dramatic and horrid in my life) and apparently they are all being evicted and have to move out in like 24 hours. so he and one of the room matea are on the couch when i came down this morning and their stuff is everywhere. the dogs are all stressed out and keep biting their ankles which i think is funny. and everythings a mess and its stressing me out. so much for a nice quiet week with the rents out of town.

me and my dad have discussed starting a garden in the back side yard. we have space and to make the beds would be so easy (thanks ReadyMade for the directions in my recent issue:). we could have fresh organic veggies and itd be so fun! we'll see if it works out.

im not getting school work and reading done because i keep reading my fashion magazines. its a bit of a problem. Good thing its summer in 2 weeks and I can read all the fashion magazines i want! mwahaha!


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