Friday, May 15, 2009

Rocket Man

oh man, Im at the office today, and just groooooven to my EJ singin Rocket Man. I wish I was alone so I could just sing out loud and dance around...i guess nobodys really around...EJ can really sing it! hes pretty much awesome.

as you can tell, its early.

A few things have already happened today:
1) I woke up with bloodshot and sore eyes. this has been happening a lot lately, and all i can think to blame is the weather or allergies since im getting enough sleep, my contacts are pretty new, and I think im staying hydrated? hmm maybe thats the problem...maybe its time to start pumping the water. especially since ive been exercising so much lately. hmm. but I just love caffeine!!!

2) someone left some unmarked chocolate cakes on my desk. I immediately decided not to eat them for one single reason: they are most likely poisoned. then i realized that was silly, and changed my mind to "im on a diet". but then i went back to my poison idea, since its obviously true. someone leaves unmarked chocolate cakes on your desk? hello! its like a death threat right there!

3) i cursed the coffee machiene this morning, it was going SO SLOW to brew me my much needed cup of coffee. then i realized im crazy and addicted to coffee since it was going the normal pace as every other day. i camped out by it anyway and pounced on it as soon as it was done.

4) the weather said it was going to be really hot today. but apparently that wasnt for the coastal county, so now im freezing in this sun dress all day sitting here with the heater on. someone already came in and kinda made fun of me. awesome.

im done with school!!! yes its true! the semester has finally come to an end! im really anxious to get my grades, since the biggest percentages of our grades were final projects we dont know the grades of. but im not stressed about it, i know ive passed everything, and i did my very best, so im not worried. now im just enjoying my day "off" from doing homework...i just get to sit here at the office and read my fashion magazines and my book about another impressionist artist i love. maybe ill get to catch Fresh Air on NPR today. go for a walk during my break. you know, be a real person! i love it!

this weekend is going to be full of FUN & somewhat celebratory events. At least, they will be celebratory to me! tonight im having a mini dinner party with the Speelmans, Micah, and Cammie! a little YWAM reunion! yay! tomorrow me and momma are doing a 5K in the morning, then having a family lunch at a surprise location for mothers day! if there is time, im going to swing by my friends graduation party, but most importantly im heading up to kelseys for a night of fun before a day of disneyland on Sunday! a lovely weekend right! i feel so blessed! its like all these fun events happened upon a weekend when i needed it most!

next week im working for annie everyday while she gallivants in the pacific northwest for a fun vacation, so needless to say, expect lots of updates;)

i wanna go to a padres game SOOOOO BAD!!! i cant go for like the next 3 weeks due to too much fun, but maybe after i get back from Vegas with the girls...hmm. i just want to eat crap, drink cheap beer, and laugh with my friends outdoors while being minorly entertained by fat old men and hot young men running around after a ball, is that too much to ask?!

oh man, the song from the wedding in Old School is on the radio now...oh, this is going to be a good day!

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