Monday, May 18, 2009

A day at Disneyland

Things I've learned from Disneyland:
1) I will never wear a fishermans hat

2) I will never spray down my children with so much sunscreen they are
dipping white spots

3) I will never wear a black bra with a backless ugly top

4) I will never wear a finding nemo scrunchie as a grown woman

5) I will never wear bright shiney gold gladiator sandals with my pale
skin, or ever.

6) I will never come to dland pregnant or with children in need of a

7) I will never have children and I will never feel bad about my weight.

It was quite a day!

1 comment:

Strange Angel said...

It saddens me a great deal that this is all you learned.
What have I learned in my many visits from my first visit as a young child till now?
-A "thank you" or "excuse me" will turn someone's day around.
-Strangers can - and will - put their hand out to help their neighbor.
-Exploring Disneyland with a child is so very different than it is as a group of adults without.
-There is still magic in the world.
..and many more.