Saturday, May 23, 2009

Airport Events

Flying anywhere is quite the event. But it's always more fun when your
alone (for many more reasons) because strangers really like to talk to
you, and you have all this extra time to people watch. It's pretty
much THE BEST! I will take note as these events occur on here rather
than in my journal so you can share in the hilarity that ensues.

1) there were only 2 seats available in the area and me and another
normal looking girl went for them. As we were sitting down I said just
friendly, "the only two available!". She sat down, turned to me and
says in a thick southern accent, "Virgin is supposed to be the best.
And I didn't like Continental, they were rude." I stared in disbelief,
not quite sure what to say...then she added "I didn't like Delta
either". I was so taken aback I didn't quite know how to respond so I
just agreed and she turned back to what she was was weird.

2) a very cute younger girl and a very NOT cute middle aged man were
awkwardly sitting next to me. The girl got up to go get food and the
guy calls one of his friends and proceeds to tell an entire story of
how they had an awful trip and she broke up with him during the
trip...I think they were visiting her parents and he was rude or
something happened...I missed some parts because I was trying not to
laugh. He was talking about how awkward it was traveling home
together, but how she was talking a little bit to him and was working
on her book. Then she came back and he got up and excused himself so
he could finish the conversation. It was AMAZING.

3) I highly recommend flying from SD to SF on the right side of the
plane on a clear day. It just flew along the coast! It was beautiful
the entire hour ride!

4)don't worry, I was all crammed in the furthest back right window
seat but the middle and window in front of me was open so I got to sit
up there with no one in between me and the young tobacco chewing man.
So let me get this straight, I got to sit all comfy for an hour
reading my super awesome book, drinking my complimentary CAN of diet
coke, and gazing out the window at the beautiful Cali coast? Sounds
like vacation has begun!

5) there is a really cute guy on both my flights today. Too bad he's
wearing a headband.

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