Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Oh awesome

I forgot to tell you, I have an eye infection in both eyes: AGAIN. No,
I don't know how I got it. Yes, I am a very clean person...who happens
to wear contacts, have dogs, and have seasonal allergies.

Here goes another $20 for all new eye makeup. Dang, being infected is

In other news: girls vegas weekend is happening!!! Were more excited
than should be allowed. Partly because um, hello it's vegas. Party
because we have a sweet rental car a fancy hotel and are bringing our
best dress up "going-to-town" clothes, but mostly because we have so
much fun all together and it hardly ever happens and we just love each
other so much!

Except we all will be missing Cassie too much and it just might ruin
the trip:(

I started summer school today. It's going to be a lot of work but I
think it will be one of my more interesting classes. It's about
analyzing advertisments and popular culture and finding which groups
are superior and which are being stereotyped. We only meet on Tuesdays
which is nice and then have a ton of online work for the rest of the
week, so that's sweet. Except, my group members and the entire class
actually are all very...well...strange. And I'll just say it, not
sweet. But I do have one of my good friends from school in the class
with me so hopefully that will make it a little more bareable.

I watched one of my all time favorite films tonight, Empire Records.
It's just so bittersweet to watch because it just makes me miss Cassie.

I've been feeling reallllllly tired lately. Like today, I came home
and napped as usual. Typically I sleep for less than an hour. Not
today, today I managed 3 hours andam about to go to bed now again!
I've been feeling kinda lethargic, extra cynical, and even a little
tummy sick too. So weird. But tomorrow I'm taking my infected eyes out
around the burbs for some shopping! Besides replacing all my eye
makeup, I have birthday gifts to buy! I wish I was as excited about
those things as the exclamation points appear to be. Sadly, eeyore is
still in town:(

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