Friday, June 12, 2009

so NOT in the mood for this crap

Well, today has been quite the event...and its only noon(ish). Im so fussy, I decided to vent and let you share in my troubles. I know these dont quite compare to some other peoples troubles, but still. as my title says, Im so NOT in the mood for this crap.

1) stayed up way to late last night watching Harry Potter 5 with brother. its just a really good movie guys. but unfortunately, now im super tired and irritable.

2) woke up at the crack and am not only having a bad hair day, but my face suddenly broke out, I have one of those giant chest zits which none of my shirts will cover up, and none of my appropriate clothes are clean or dry or wrinkle free. off to a great start.

3) after pulling it together I finally make it to work and am settling in trying to get some homework and studying done but the calls for the lawyers I answer for (among other people) are RINGING OFF THE HOOK. Not only ringing non stop, but EVERYONE is SO rude and bitching at me if I transfer them to someone who doesnt answer. Um hello, its not my fault. What do you want me to do about it-leave them a message and leave me alone! I should have counted how many rude people there were, normally its pretty bad-but today there was record amounts.

4) and then to top it all off, the postage machine broke. It says it needs new ink, so when i put some in I found on the supply shelf it still doesnt work. I fuss with it for an hour, talk to Annie, go on their website, call the support people. Seriously, this is what i dealt with ALL morning. We have mail that needs to go out, so im all stressed out. Then I had to figure out how to order more ink, that was a whole other fun adventure. Finally, $200 later, we have more ink coming next week.

5) besides all of that, its just a busy day in the office in general. phones keep ringing, lots of meetings with clients coming in, faxes like crazy, all these packages keep coming. SO crazy. I finally finished my homework, but still have all this studying to do for the RICA TOMORROW!!! So much for a relaxing day at the office studying.

some lovely things that happened though are
1) the cute kid whose visiting his grandpa who works here. He was just in the bathroom with grandma and after I heard the toilet flush he shouts "good bye poo poos!" it was hilarious! and then he went skipping through the halls and grandma whispered "now how did Grandma say to walk here? very businesslike, right!" so stinkin cute.

2) some lady who hardly ever works here had her super cute assistant in and out. we became friends, he was very pretty. not my type, but pretty. and despite my ugly day, I think he may have been flirting with me.

3) I remembered my pink crazy straw so every time I drink my water I'm SO happy!

4) I brought Lord of the Rings to start reading today. So as soon as Im done studying for the RICA some more, im in it to win it!

5) I brought yummy jasmine tea and cashews today. they're making me happy.

so thats it so far. i hope it calms down now that its officially Friday afternoon.

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