Wednesday, May 06, 2009


well its been an interesting week.

I was (and am) still coming out of my fussyness as seen in the previous post. But dont worry, more fun happened.

I had a busy Tuesday planned with errands and homework and a meeting galore. when suddenly, the fridge and freezer officially decided to just stop working.

yep, just stop working.

at first I was just going to eat everything I could, as inspired by Joey from Friends. But then i just decided to cart as much as I could to the other garage fridge we have. its still kinda working, so whats left in there will hopefully not spoil completely. But since it had apparently been slowly stopping working for awhile, a bunch of my freezer food (i live off of frozen meals, thanks) had kinda thawed out and then got refrozen in the garage freezer, so its always a toss up when i cook my food these last few days.

on top of that, when i as leaving the house for my meeting, after carting all the food outside of course. my key wouldnt go in the kept getting stuck halfway. now, this has been happening for years whenever the weather changes and for some reason the rents wont replace the damn lock. so the other day i kicked it in and it worked, but when i tried to do it this time, it just broke in half. with the rest of the key still stuck in the lock. brother took a part the lock today to get it out.

so that was a fun day. but then me and annie went to Rubios for their delicious health mex mahi mahi burritos and to the dollar store and TJ Max. good purchases were made.

i have officially finished 2 classes and will finish another tomorrow! next week i have 2 papers to submit and a very difficult science final...well 2 science finals really...but dont worry, we only get credit for one class. thats been fun.

summer is so close i can TASTE it.

there are 2 things i love about wednesdays and 2 things ONLY.
1) LOST is on. what more do I need to say there?

2) after a horribly long day at school, my puppies and I all snuggle in for a little nap. When I wake up they all jump on me and snuggle and try and kiss me. I like to think its because they love me, but really its because they want dinner. but still, is the BEST.

did I tell you about the time i took them for a long walk and Bella got so tired she just crawled under a parked car (for shade) and just layed there in the dirty street? and then I had to carry her up the last hill because she just could NOT go on. shes pretty much the best dog ever.

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