Thursday, April 30, 2009

OH! I forgot to tell you I turned into a NERD

You know you are a nerd WHEN...

1) you used to listen to normal fun radio (AKA the Mikey show) or a pull from your music collection in the mornings while getting ready and on the way to school and its just NPR. and you love it so much you just cant seem to get enough! and then you go tell your dad all you learned that morning cause your just so excited!

2) you also follow NPR on twitter, and love it.

3) you've watched LOST since the beginning and know everything that is happening, and during the show you just randomly will shout "THIS IS SUCH A GOOD SHOW!!!"

4) your suddenly excited about the new Star Trek movie and were screaming from real fear during the sneak clip during LOST last night. (no seriously, its going to be awesome)

5) you've read all of Twilight, Harry Potter, and Chronicles of Narnia...most of them twice.

6) your looking forward to really reading Lord of the Rings over the summer.

7) lastly, and most importantly: you reallllllly want to go to Comic Con this summer. like, so bad.

oh man, I am the COOLEST!!! Good thing a bunch of you are in the same boat with me, we can all wear pocket protectors and go see Star Trek together! ahaha

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