Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No more cheese

I smell.
I'm lactose intolerant.
But I've been craving burritos.

You do the math.

No more. Even my dogs don't want to hang out with me. And you all know
how I feel about my dogs.

Today in biology we learned about worms. And I thought of my Wormy
girl doggie (AKA Lola). And laughed again because my dog responds to
Worms or Wormy simply because we are weird people. She doesn't even
have or has ever had worms. Oh man I'm laughing out loud again. In the
middle of a science quiz, oops.

I'm supposed to go to an engagement party this weekend. I was really
excited and even hve my outfit picked out, until I was reminded that
most people bring dates to these events. I asked Alyssa, who is by no
means an expert, but she still confirmed my questioning. Now I have I
choose: embrace my single and fabulous life, or skip the party and
hang out with other friends who don't remind me I'm alone.

A girl has to wonder, what would Carrie Bradshaw do?

I know the answer to that. Time to dust off the fabulous outfit I
never have a place to wear;)

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