Friday, April 17, 2009

Trying something new

ok, so i havent been posting because a) i truely am extremely busy and exhausted most of my life during this semester. and b) i dont have much to post unless you want me to whine about my horrid school life. i rarely go out or see my friends (besides my fun trips of course), so there really isnt much to post. c) because i havent posted in so long, i feel this "hangover" effect (as i like to call it), that i need to post a long recap of things.

ok, with that being said ive decided to try something new. ive set up my phone to be able to email and text in updates AND im going to keep them short and sweet. if you care about my life THAT much hopefully your my friend on Facebook and can see my pictures and are my Twitter friend too! otherwise, this will have to suffice. but i promise it will be good. so here goes.

currently im at work. some events.

1) two blue mugs. one filled with half cup of coffee. one filled with blackberries. Guess who put her hand in the wrong blue mug?

2) i thought to myself "oh im so excited for summer reading! I wonder when the next harry potter book is coming out? OH MY GOSH THAT IS SO SAD!!!" apparently im re-entering mourning for the ending of one of my favorite series. i think i may need to just re-read the last 2 books and just be excited for the movie. oh Harry.

3)how does one know when which fruits are in season? does it matter since we live in socal? because these blackberries and some strawberries i had recently werent very sweet. they were organic, does that matter? i think someone should make a calender of when different fruits are in season so i can buy them.

4) tomorrow me and annie and jordan are having a girls relaxing/beach/spa day! its supposed to be sunny and in the high 70's and annie is housesitting for a condo RIGHT on the beach!!! so excited!!! i have a list of girly things to do (being a girl is a lot of work! right!), gonna buy some gossip and glamour magazines, and just ENJOY my life!!! for a whole day!!! EXCEPT i really miss Kelsey now. She should be with us and im bummed she wont be. I've been thinking about how i miss her for a few days now, and i think saturday may just be my breaking point! i just have so many people to visit and not enough time:( ive been wanting to visit Kathleen in LA forever, of course Kels and a new cousin in newport, and always micah and cammie downtown. having all these kinda long distance friends is exhausting! i like sleeping in my own bed on the weekends too people! quit moving away!

5) in other news, im training for a 5K! woohoo! of course, i could easily walk a 5K now, but not very easily at a pace higher than a stroll. so im taking it to the next level and walking at a more moderate and brisk pace and making my dogs stay caught up with me! (if im doing it, Bellas gonna lose that girth too!) i get training from a free online program and its so nice! ive been lagging slightly on my exercise regime, and this totally got me excited again! i love walking outdoors! its the best! and since im not quite a beginner, the program has been pretty easy so far, and im excited to keep going. i love 5K's, they are so fun! ive done quite a few, and everyone was just the right amount of workout with a complimentary t-shirt to boot! woohoo!

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