Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Baking a Pie Day!

Well today was a good day. Busy, but lovely!

This morning I had a little laser appt. and then went to the market for the week. I love the market, all the nice boys ask me if I need any help like 5 million times, its fun. Then I came home and ate the veggie sandwich i got along while shopping. By then I was tired (naturally) and Bella wanted to snuggle and nap with me, so we did. Shes not much of a snuggler, but since shes been sick and so tired and sad, shes been extra snuggly. After our little nap, I cleaned the disgusting kitchen and then decided to bake my long awaited vegan apple pie.

I made a lovely oatmeal crust and then started on the Apple filling part. Unfortunately, i didnt read the directions and just started dumping everything together. Apparently you dont do that with apple pie. Apparently you have to cook all these things separately and then put it together...um, its a lot of work. and thats an understatement. After I made the crust, i had to peel and core and cut the apples. then cook the apples and raisins together in water, then add things to them but I ran out of syrup so I had to use honey (not technically "vegan", but it is to me), then seperately sauté some of the leftover apple water and corn starch, then mush it all together and bake it. Then I had so much leftover filling, I had to have Annie run some oatmeal over to me so I could make another pie! We managed to almost finish the first pie tonight, between my family and Annie and Jordan too. I was SERIOUSLY surprised that it turned out so yummy! Last minute I found some random sugar free syrup in the fridge and added a bunch to it because it wasnt tasting sweet enough. Everyone liked it! yay me!

Today my mom asked if i wanted to stop by her work. my response, "oh i dont think i can, i have to go to the market, then bake and pie, then weight watchers. basically im turning into a grandma."

so true. so true.

BUT a grandma that can bake vegan pies (with honey)! yay me!

Also, today I found out that Olivia is having a BOY! SO exciting! I cant wait to go shopping! Now I can start putting a real face and name to the little love bug. Hes going to be so fun!

Lets see, tomorrow Im going to maybe get my car washed (inside and out! i know your so proud) and then hang out with Alyssa and her friend, now my friend, Emma. I should probably find some time to craft too, i just bought a new glue gun so I can start my bows. yay!

also, new glasses too! so fun!

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