Monday, October 08, 2012


Happy Birthday to Me! I simply can not believe another year has passed. Twenty- Seven. The number always seemed so high to me. I felt like I would have so much more of my life together by now...not necessarily in a good way. I guess I am kind of glad I am not as "adult" as I thought 27 was. I'm still single, still love going out, work to live and not the other way around, listen to good music, wear cute clothes, have more confidence in myself every year that passes. The list goes on. 

Last year I recall we decided to call twenty-six "The Year of Wonder" and oh my it was! I think thats about when my crazy partying days started to surprisingly come to a close as Mr. Boyfriend and I started our accidental long distance love affair. Where at the time I thought "wonder" was going to be more dancing on tables 5 nights a week and having meaningless affairs with various men...wonder took me on a completely different route than I ever expected. In fact, gosh its so much better. I found the love of my life. I am working on applying to our very own beautiful apartment in a part of the city I am excited to live in and it includes our little buddy. I'm not stressed about money. Or my mothers health. I've completely changed careers and while I don't love it 100%, I am trying to learn to like it for right now. What a serious wonder its in fact been.

Can't twenty-seven be the year of wonder too? This is the year everything is going to happen. Mr. Boyfriend and I are exactly 8 weeks away from moving into our apartment together (eeee!!!). We are going to get engaged and plan our wedding this year. I turn into a momma for his mini me. It's All Happening!

Ah- there is is.

"Twenty-Seven: It's All Happening"

I was so busy feeling sorry for myself this birthday I was overwhelmed with surprises! I was feeling a bit 16 candlesish with friends not being able to celebrate my birthday party I planned (as usual), my brother opting out of the family night, work forgetting and I had to beg my brother to take me out for lunch, I guess I just usually had lots of little mid week outings of friends wanting to celebrate with me or take me to lunch or something and this time it was much more minimal. Part of growing up. I dont think it helped that the one love I'd like to celebrate with is currently deployed to Brazil...just as an added bonus.

Oh, plus I had awesome PMS which makes for a very teary birthday.

ANYWAY. After all of that ridiculousness a few of my girls met me for a drink at my favorite wine bar the night before...

 The day of my mum made me breakfast and I treated myself to some Starbucks...

 Then my sweet family took me out for AMAZING Russian food down in San Diego. Spending time with them is always a treat. Plus, come on theres a sweet succulent baby involved. 
Look at him!!! GAH!

Plus flowers from friends galore, birthday calls, videos, and treats. I felt so loved. Next weekend I am arranging a dinner and dancing night with everyone to celebrate my favorite way...gosh I've missed dancing.

So here is to twenty-seven, "It's All Happening!"



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edina (lakkomlakkom) said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so happy about you!:) I've just turned 28 a couple of days ago, so don't be afraid, 28 will be wonderful too! ;)