Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's Remember...

So I've been reflecting...

At how this time last year I was crying my eyes out.

Literally could not breathe or function.

Because that dick Number 2 stopped calling me forever. A few days before my birthday, we had plans for sushi for my birthday. We were seriously talking about going to Mexico after his grad apps were finished. I was breaking up with SS because I thought Number 2 was finally ready to get serious. We'd been together and "in love" for a year. I was coming off of the worst year of my life with mom being sick...3 family members dying...swine flu...and student teaching/death...

Then I spent my Alice in Wonderland birthday party without a call back from either of them and swore off men for the rest of the year.

3 months later I moved to Europe and ride to work looking fabulous on the public transit I know by heart everyday thinking, "Man, I love my life!!!!". Then I spend my weekends dancing on tables, sitting in little coffee shops reading and drinking tea, baking in my own flat, or even sometimes having slumber parties with various gentleman callers.

I must say, this has been QUITE the year.

And twenty-six is bound to be 10x better then twenty-five...when I cried on my way to my own birthday party.

THIS YEAR I am having, perhaps the birthday party I was always meant to.

We're booked at the nicest bar in town that overlooks the entire city, took us a week to get the reservation, and I get to make everyone get as dressed up as I always am when we go out. I got us 2 bottles of champagne for the 15+ people coming and am making funfetti cake with the mix I brought back with me from the states. Then we have a table booked at the nicest club in the city for afterwards! I have the beautiful and sweet male suitor whose been courting me who will be by my side all evening (and made the club reservations for me:) And all of my dearest friends from Bratislava will be there! The plan is to drink more gin and tonic and champagne then should be allowed, dance on a table, have my face hurt from smiling, embarrass myself somehow publicly, and have some birthday sex. I feel like all of this is doable.

I am trying to not be so depressed about turning OLD and just now decided to call it
"Twenty Six- The Year of Wonder" 

I think it has a nice ring to it...

Let the shit show begin!



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