Saturday, September 17, 2011


Remember when my Friday nights ended at 5a dancing on tables and refusing (or sometimes accepting...) male invitations to go home with me? And that 4 nights out of 7 I wasn't home until 12:30 either?

Since I've been home my bestie/partner in crime roomie is all wrapped up with her bf and work, plus all of my friends here have been so MIA or are out of town- so my last 2 Friday nights I was lucky to go out with music man until the wee hours of the morning. Then last night roomie had only worked a half day and we didn't have plans Saturday until the afternoon so I thought for SURE we'd go and do something like we always used to. AND I was upset that music man has disappeared so I really needed to socialize.

au contrar.

"bf is coming over and we're just going to watch a movie. He's really tired." HE'S ALWAYS REALLY TIRED!!! So I went alone to meet up with some friends from work hoping the drink at the pub would turn into a longer evening...but by 9:30 they were all yawning and asking for the bill. I got all dressed up to go to the half empty pub for an hour, sit quietly while my friend talked the ENTIRE time, only to walk back home by myself. Where upon my roomie and bf greeted me all over each other on the couch giggling and doing that annoying "we're in love and in our own little world...lalala" thing. So I just went to my room and watched True Blood and went to sleep.

Not the worst evening ever of course, at least I got to get out a bit and getting dressed up was fun (even if no one cared). But if something doesn't change soon I might have to rethink staying here longer. I love teaching but its not like my school is that amazing. They have so many problems and the lack of resources and support is exhausting. Plus, I am so social, and if my social life is going down the toilet and all I am going to do is work...well its no wonder I am feeling icky as of late. Let's just say I am starting to be really open to the idea of moving to another country to teach...

Good News Though! Today we're going to a wine festival! In the month of September in Slovakia, every weekend another district holds a festival for their "young wines" which is apparently what they're famous for. This weekend is supposed to be a really good one with music and fireworks. Plus, according to the weather it appears this weekend to be the last warm days before the temperatures start slowly dropping. I had to kind of beg roomie to get her ass together and come and some other people from work are going too. It'll be nice to actually DO something. I've been feeling so sad and claustrophobic...maybe this will help snap me out of it.

Once again, I would apologize for my whining about my life, but it is MY blog so...

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