Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh Good.

Roomie texted Music Man the other day because she was mad (and does this behind my back because she gets so annoyed, haha), something to the tune of- "Hey, heard you are MIA, hope you're ok, what happened?"- that was the jist.

After IIIIIII haven't heard from him in 2 weeks, he texts HER back.

Something about being busy and playing baseball over the weekend and not seeing her or some bullshit like they're old friends or something.

I immediately read it as- he has a thing for her- and am now kind of sulking and am hurt.

I'm not angry with her or anything.

Just hurt that this guy who kept presenting himself as "a good guy" who liked me, is just a douche like the rest of them.

Where do I FIND these guys?!

As of right now, I'm just reallllly looking forward to the next work function so I can look hot and ignore him all night. But then roomie pointed out, I would never actually be mean or ignore a guy even though he was a douche to me, because I'm too nice. And since they know that, they do this shit to me.

That's it, I need to start breaking windows.



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