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All I can say is, what a week. I haven't updated because I've barely had time to sleep and breathe. Tuesday and Wednesday we had back to school orientation for the teachers which was RIDICULOUS. So much drama, extra work and courses sprung up on me, teachers leaving suddenly, just unorganized craziness and stress.

Then Wednesday night we went out for drinks with sweet D whose leaving for a few weeks...Thursday was a Slovak holiday so EVERYONE was out on the town since they didn't have to work the next day. Including people from school...including the super cute new music man from work I'd been flirting with at orientation. I thought he was into the 4th grade teacher from the new campus because he was always talking to her and was somewhat flirty, but then I found out she's married and going through a hard time and he is just her assistant. So of course, I made my move at the Irish pub.

I feel like I should be sponsored in flirting. I mean seriously. I spotted him at the orientation on Tuesday, flirted both days, and had him getting my number and kissing me by Wednesday night. Friday roomie saw him at work and he was asking all about me so he called me right then but I didn't hear it and texted him later that night when roomie said "GIRL, CHECK YOUR PHONE!"

Flash forward to music man wanting to hang out. Picking me up from my flat and taking me to hang out with all his friends at a lounge/bar/music place down the street. Um. May have been one of the BEST evenings of my life. I realized even in the amount of men I've dated that I've NEVER met a guys friends or had a boy be all into me all night in front of his friends. As soon as music man saw me he wanted to kiss me again...and would have his hand on my back or around me majority of the evening...would sneak little kisses when his friends weren't directly talking to us...talking in my ear..I mean DAMN, we were that couple. And the best part was, his friends were really really lovely. They reminded me of all my friends back home- they were all musicians but grown up ones who are also married and have successful day jobs doing random things. Plus, their English was really really good and I think they liked me because I spent half the evening talking to them while music man talked to others separately. I was trying to make sure and prove I can chill on my own and that he doesn't have to babysit me...mission accomplished! The best part was when the evening was winding down and we were all sitting and man starts talking in my ear telling me sweet things and trying to convince me to let him come home with me when his friends say something in Slovak to us and they all laugh. Translation? "They said they are jealous, because they can tell we like each other and they have to go home alone" This was from the 2 not married ones. So cute.

He kept telling me he wanted to be with me all night, and after trying to avoid answering the question awhile, I told him he couldn't come home with me for two reasons.
1. I'm a lady (seriously, I actually like this one)
2.  Lady things are happening and it's not a good night. (periods ruin everything)
Secretly ALSO because I'm kind of a skank and had Africa over the last two nights because he didn't have anywhere to stay (seriously) and even though I'm not into him anymore, why pass up good sex? So my sheets were dirty. Yep, I'm that girl. But hey, doesn't it make you feel good to know I felt remorseful and knew I couldn't bring a new boy home yet? We're growing up.

Turns man is kind of...maybe...amazing. He wanted to come home and just be with me all night anyway, even if physical stuff wasn't part of the deal. Then he tells me, he's been celibate by choice for the last 4 years (omg can you imagine) because he wasn't a good guy before and now wants to wait until he's serious with a girl. I didn't totally believe him...until we got into bed and he didn't try and make a move. Don't worry, I pulled the "my room is a mess, give me ten minutes" routine and changed the sheets. Again, WHY am I not sponsored in this? (later roomie said, you should have just texted me "emergency! change my sheets please!"-this is why she's the best). We didn't get home until 3 and just slept and cuddled until noon today...then I made him a delicious breakfast of eggs and toast and we had a long long chat for a few hours.

The Details:
Get ready friends, this one is a serious the point that I'm super nervous around him, forget how to talk, and am having to try and stay calm.

1. We're referring to him as the music man because, he plays like every instrument there is. Toured with Jason Mraz. Is kind of famous in Bratislava because of how much music he's done here. Leads worship at a church here once a month...

2. After years of "being a bad guy" he got involved in church again and helps lead things at a church here...but he's not super conservative and weird...he drinks, smokes, goes out, swears. Apparently he has a masters of theology too...I know, this guy.

3. He's half Slovak and half canadian, but is living here for at least a year. He's lived all over the world.

4. He's looking for something serious. He's 32 and I think one of his only friends not married. But I dont think that means he wants to settle here in BA. He has the heart of a traveller, so I think he's up for adventures.

5. When I say he's "attractive" and "my type"...I can't even explain this enough. He's the type I gave up on being interested in me because they were so pretty, fashionable, outgoing, and musical so they could get any girl and pretty much ignored me. The fact that this guy is paying me so much attention and kissing me at the bar and then saying, "wow, this is going so well!" and then having his friends high five him because they know he never brings any girls around...I mean damn.

I'm hesitant to let myself feel anything because he's too perfect. And he's Christian enough to be one of those guys whose super picky and will find reasons he won't work with anyone. Plus, he's very outgoing and friendly so I don't know if it's anything special to be treating me this way.

I've been thinking about him since he left this afternoon...I definitely have a crush...and just FB stalked him just to seal in the 15 year old inside of me. I am so glad we had such a great night though. I mean, if anything I had one amazing night being treated like a proper girlfriend and got to end it cuddling with a great guy. And if dating doesn't work, we have a lot in common and I think would be really good friends.

So we'll see what happens.

But if I had my dream job teaching, get to live in my little European city, AND had a serious boy as amazing and this one seems...I just might die of happiness.

It's All Happening!

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