Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday To ME.

Oh friends! Guess who reappeared?

No, not music man. I wish. He's still in the douche category.

I'll give you a hint, he left my flat after failing to um...properly finish the session...almost threw up on me, then left with barf in a bag in one hand, and the knickers he accidentally dropped in the other, head hung. Hating life. Thats right, birthday boy is back!

I didn't forget about him, because we definitely had a connection, but I knew he was leaving mid October and that nothing was going to happen really anyway. Then randomly he texted me about wanting to hang out, and while it may have been interpreted as a booty call (before I left we did both agree we needed a redo anyway), we had a date all afternoon and evening on Saturday and it was perfect. Although we were a little affectionate, it clearly wasn't a booty call...and actually he surprised me as being a very sweet, clever, funny, and all around awesome person.

After apologizing and then laughing excessively about the tragic evening we shared a few months ago, (sorry I didn't call's taken me this long to get my pride back...) he made the day all about me (I know right) so we sat at my favorite spot and drank gin n tonic by the river all afternoon, the weather was PERFECT, and everyone was out. Then we got a big beautiful ice cream (his idea) and while eating it together everyone let these pink, white, and red heart shaped balloons go up over the river. Hundreds of balloons floating up all was so romantic we kind of laughed about it. Then we walked to a Czech/American restaurant and ate dinner/ drank more. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much in one day and was so happy.

And to be honost, it was nice to not have ANY pressure. We'd already had sex (kind of...), know he's leaving, and just get to have fun with the beginning part of something.

I think we both want to build up a little more before we hook up again...for real this time. So we didn't hook up Saturday, and tonight we're just meeting for dinner before he has to work the midnight shift.

But I love how he pursues me. I'm getting the ol texting, "you're beautiful", I want to spend time with you, whatever you'd like to do, insisting on paying for everything: treatment and I have to say- it's rather nice.

Next Thursday is MY 26TH BIRTHDAY. Fuck, I'm old.

I find it ironic I am rekindling with Birthday Boy on my birthday.

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