Sunday, September 04, 2011

Goodbye Africa.

Well I finally officially ended things with Africa...AGAIN. Even the last few times we've hung out I just don't feel things for him anymore. I'm not attracted to him, I don't have sexual chemistry anymore, I was annoyed talking to him or trying to watch movies with his limited English (while before I didn't mind), and sometimes I didn't even want him to touch me. Plus, I've been pursuing other people and forgetting he even existed. All signs you aren't fulfilled or happy with your man and its time to end it...again. It was hard because he's so sweet. Always wanting to give me massages and cook for me, take care of me when I was sick. I mean, he's a really good guy. But the IT just wasn't there anymore. And no ones surprised considering the of and on again manner we've had the last few months and that I spent time with PAG and now music man over the summer...I mean, things are just different now.

But literally he texted and called me last night to see if he could come make me dinner. I mean, so sweet. I ignored him because I was sleeping (trying to sleep off my epic evening with another man, wow I am awesome/kind of a floozy) and then he texted me again today to see if I was ok. I responded with, "sorry I was sleeping...but can we not see each other anymore? I have a lot going on and I think I would rather be alone if thats ok. Im sorry, don't be sad!". It sucked and I feel bad about it, but we weren't too serious so hopefully he won't be too upset, and at least I didn't just stop answering his calls or texts like SOME people have done to me. 

So I am finally officially a free agent again. 

But am anxiously awaiting hearing from music man- which SUCKS- because I hate when I actually like them and get all cra cra. 

And it's Sunday and I'll be working all day, thanks.



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