Monday, August 29, 2011

Threes Company.

Well, if I felt like the third wheel before, this is certainly a new level of wheel. Being back in Bratislava has been amazing. I am so happy here having my own space, being back in the city, spending time catching up with the roomie, and just loving life. But while I was gone something happened and the roomie and her bf went from being kind of in a relationship/fighting all the time, to being all in love and can't get enough of each other and now I pretty much live with BOTH of them. Actually, I really do. He goes home once a day to get some clothes or eat...but then is here the rest of the time. It might be different when roomie and I are both back at work too, but being with them 24/7 has upgraded my third wheel lonelyish feeling to something pretty serious. He's replaced me as her best friend, and before it was her and I are the besties, and then him...but something happened while I was gone so now I practically feel like a visitor in my own flat. And it's not necessarily because I want a boyfriend like that so badly, in fact, Africa has been barking up my tree lately and I'm only kind of interested. Even if I had a boyfriend, I wouldn't want him over every single night. And it kind of bothers me in terms of personal space and money. Like, roomie and I split groceries. But now we're planning dinners for 3 a boy who eats a lot...and I am expected to pay for part of that. 

And now they don't really like going out much anymore and just stay in and watch movies together snuggled on the couch. Real fun for me.

So I am kind of sad I have lost the special time roomie and I had together of being fun and single living in Europe together. She's making life plans with the boy now and I don't know how the three of us could possibly go live and work somewhere all together. 

If I didn't put enough pressure on myself to have a boyfriend before, it's certainly reeling itself now. And just when I was starting to embrace my fun single hood too...




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