Monday, August 01, 2011


OMG after our weekend in Vegas of endless booze and carbs I gained...wait for it...6.5 POUNDS!!! I didn't even know it was possible to gain 6.5 pounds in 3 days! Of course some of it is water weight from my alcoholic tendencies this weekend, but otherwise DAMN GINA I need to cut out the carbs again. 

I'm seriously in SHOCK. 

Oh and yes, Vegas was a blast. Complete with me polishing off an entire bottle of Bombay Sapphire over the course of the trip, walking around laughing at people until we couldn't feel our feet anymore, dancing the night away, and having our bus pick us up 3.5 hours late and then sitting in traffic the entire time so we didn't get home until 3:30a...but we didn't care because there was free booze. All in all, a good weekend. And all in all, tomorrow I may even start adding actual EXERCISE to my regime to rid myself of these pesky extra pounds. 

Things with PAG are still a little up in the air...he skyped me late after the intense convo we had just to say good night and bye for the weekend which made me feel better. I texted him nice things over the weekend and he only kind of responded, but we were just texting now like we'll see. I wanted to ask what he was doing tonight, but am so tired of asking and just want him to figure his shit out and be with me. Arg.



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