Friday, August 26, 2011

Favorite Things: Mad Men (Late on This Train, I Know)

Ok ok ok I know I am way behind but I already knew the basic story line and had seen quite a bit of it through the years as my parents LOVED it. But I already watch too many shows to count and wanted to watch it from the beginning so I am just now getting on board!

Decided to spend today in the AC (96 outside with enough humidity to make you wish you were DEAD) and watch too much TV enjoying the last of my summer holiday. About half way through season 1 now, but was already addicted after episode 1! Everything about it screams ME. Vintage, pretty dresses, men in suits, gin and tonic, Joan Holloway working it, gossip, not to mention sexy time. Oh, I just LOVE!

My goal is to lose my tummy (or just wear proper undergarments like I'm sure she does) to have Miss Holloway's amazing figure. But actually now that I do some googling...I have her same bust and waist size, my hip isn't far off either which is fine with me on account of the booty that gets me so much attention these days. So wow. I'm feeling pretty hot and sexy all of a sudden today! Just add some heels and I'll be the one turning heads! Screw you anorexic Slovak girls!

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