Friday, August 05, 2011


Hey gentleman, can we stop falling in love with me please?
And can the one I actually want let himself fall?

The other day Africa and Z both were trying to FB chat with me at the same time...Africa's started with "Hey Gorgeous"...and then just now some random guy in Vegas who I made it very clear to that I was trying to work out things with PAG, added and messaged me on FB. Random guy in Vegas REALLY liked me, but I just kept trying to give him the brush off without being too mean.

I just can't get these men to stop falling for me.

And the one I DO want I can tell is still hesitant to get involved with me as I am leaving again...

Although we do finally have plans for tonight, and we skyped for 2 hours last night- but I havent seen him in 10 days. Ridiculous.

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